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Club and Organization

No description

Julie Fontana

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Club and Organization

Club and Organization
Leadership Training
A constitution defines the primary and enduring characteristics of the group, especially those considered so important that they couldn't be changed without the consensus of a specified majority of the membership: An approved constitution is a requirement for all student clubs/organizations as per their registration.
What you should all be familiar with.
Tiger Lore Policies
Being Successful
Overview of Present:

Money Management
OrgSync Training: Registration and Re-Registration How Tos
Event Registration Overview
Money Management and Funding Overview
Review of Tiger Lore Policies
Succeeding as a Club/ Organization on Campus
Treasurers: Money Management Specifics - Davin Kaing and Karen Bravo
Event Registration
Forms and Files
Identify Type of Event
Meeting * Dance Floor * Community * Fundraiser Internal/banquet * Off-Campus * Other
Find and Book a Space
Virtual EMS:
Room Reservation Form:
Connect with Leslie
Found in the ASuop Office
ASuop Office
Register Event on OrgSync
Membership Selection
Posting Policies
Hazing Policies
General Event Information
What is an Event Monitor/Responsible Host
Event Registration Meeting
How do I know I need one?
What are they for?
Hazing by any student, group of students, alumni, advisor, or organization, is prohibited.
. 10.1. The University regulation on hazing is consistent with Title V of the California Code of Regulations (5 CA ADC § 41301) and California Penal Code section 245.6.
. 10.2. The University will consider hazing to be any portion of the pledging and/or initiation process, whether on or off campus, which could cause discomfort, pain, fright, disgrace, embarrassment, injury or is personally degrading regardless of the intent or end result.

Tiger Lore Policy
MYTH: Hazing is only a problem for sororities and Fraternities
Hazing examples in relation to University of the Pacific
Subtle Hazing:
"Harmless Hazing"
-behaviors that emphasize a power imbalance between various degrees of membership
- EX: Deception, Silence periods w/implied threats for violation, requiring members to perform duties (cleaning up after an event), requiring new member/rookies to refer to other members as "Mr." or "Ms.", Line Ups/Drills (even if they are educational), isolating members

Harassment Hazing:
-Ex: Sleep Deprevation (guiding the rock), Expecting new members/rookies to run errands/cook/clean, stunt of skit nights (performing embarrassing songs in the Lair), Verbal abuse, threats or implied threats, scavenger hunts
Violent Hazing:
-behaviors that can pause physical, or psychological harm
- EX: forced or coerced alcohol/drug consumption, beating, paddling, harm, forced ingestion of substances or concoctions, expecting illegal activity, exposure to extreme weather w/o proper clothing
"Our first step with any student and/or organization found responsible for hazing activity is to educate. However, in accordance with Tiger Lore, failure to cease hazing activity may result in more serious action being taken against the student(s) and/or organization involved." ~ UOP's stance on Hazing
Student Activities Center:
Housing and Greek Life:
Office of Judicial Affairs:

209-946-2177 judicialaffairs@pacific.edu
Incident report forms are available at
36.1.6 Organizations must have at least two (2) student officers.
36.1.8: Meetings/Events held in public spaces must be open
36.1.11: The student organization must not affiliate with local, state, or national organizations, which require affiliates to support specific economic, political, or social positions that conflict with University policies.
36.1.5: Organization officers must be in good academic standing with the University. Undergraduates must be enrolled in 12 credits or more to hold an elected/appointed position
2.25 GPA
* Try to incorporate a policy for voting in your constitution to avoid future challenges EX: You must attend 5 meetings to be a voting member
Section 12: Acts of Bias - acts of conduct, speech or expression that target individuals & groups based on age, citizenship,disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status
Approved Accounts
University Account:
ASuop Account:
- established at the Finance Center Accounting Office
- Monthly reports are provided & disbursements are handled like other accounts
- Monies left over are forwarded to the next year with no interest/fees
Organizations receiving funds from the Associated Students (ASuop) or the University must adhere to the 
financial procedures of these respective funding sources.


42.1 All printed material must be approved by the Student Activities Center and/or Housing and Greek Life prior to posting
42.6 Posting within academic spaces is based on the approval from each academic area

Approval Process
Content Needed:
42.2. All printed material must include the name of the sponsoring student organization and contact information
42.7. Events with alcohol sales can only communicate that in an approved manner: "Cash Bar Available." This cannot exceed 20? of the posting and no additional related imagery can be used
Allow 1 week for approval
Where can I post?
42.8 Flyers are permitted on kiosks and may not cover existing times material
42.9 Approved banners and flyers are permitted on brick surfaces of the McCaffrey Center

1 week only
42.4 No posting is permitted on wood surfaces, walkways, windows, painted surfaces, railings/walkways
42.5 No posting is permitted within the DeRosa University Center
42.16 No posting handbills/advertisements on any vehicle
(Stockton Municipal Code Section 5.136.2)

Additional Posting Info
42.14 Clearing Postings: The sponsor is responsible for removing publicity that is outdated/damaged. Organizations who fail to do so will be ineligible for future postings.
42.3 Masking tape, zip ties, staples, or tacks are the only approved hanging devices
Additional Advertising Options
42.11 Information tables may be checked out from the DeRosa University Center with a student ID.
* Limited availability so tables must be reserved at the SAC in advance
42.12 Chalking on surfaces may be permitted in selected areas for 48 hours with approval from the Student Activities Center

* Chalking will only be approved for exterior concrete areas
* Chalk can be borrowed from the SAC
Weekends at Pacific and Pacific Calendar
* Events that fall on Wednesday-Sunday are eligible for Weekends at Pacific!
* To submit your events, your must register them on OrgSync
* Use your Student login and password
5. Events need to be registered with either the Student Activities Center or the Housing and Greek Life Office.
5.1.3 Completed paperwork and registration must be completed at least 14 days to the event date.
5.2 Events are subject to University and municipal noise policies. Events may not be held within 7 days of final exams.
5.3 The event must be contained within the approved space
Responsible Host:
Event Monitor
Individuals are trained to be responsible for monitoring a party or event and ensures the general atmosphere does not become disorderly.
1 Event Monitor is needed for every 25 Guests when alcohol is present; 1 per 30 if it is not
Event Monitor + Managers of an event. The responsible hosts takes action when needed and typically facilitate the logistics of an event. This person is responsible for the entire outcome of the event and the Event Monitors
5.4.1 The number of attendees, which includes Event Monitors, members, and/or guests will be determined at the discretion of the approval department and Public Safety.
5.4.3 Attendees are required to have a valid Pacific ID in their possession upon entering a social event
5.4.4 Registered events that would like a cash bar must use a 3rd party vendor, Bon Appetite, and 1/3 of their attendees must be 21+
5.4.5 Guest lists for social events must be submitted within 3 business days prior to event
Pacific Arts and Lectures Committee (PALC)
10K Reserved for Student Clubs and Organizations
The Pacific Arts and Lectures Committee (PALC) is an administrative standing committee with faculty, staff, and student membership that is charged with selecting and presenting an annual series of lectures, concerts, art exhibitions, plays and other events open to the University and the community.
ASuop Funding
University Accounts
This section should be a statement of the group's establishment and purpose of the Constitution. The preamble should contain the name of the organization.
What is the purpose? Is it fostering a broad educational goal? Is it a social, cultural, recreational or political organization? Why was the group founded?
This section should include a statement of the group's willingness to abide by established Tiger Lore policies.
Who is eligible for membership? Are there any restrictions? How does one become a member? How are members identified?
A nondiscrimination clause should additionally be included with the following: race, religion, color, creed, sex, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Voting policies: Who gets to vote? How are you going to run elections for officers?
How many officers are there? What are their titles and duties?

Description of any standing committees should be included, probably in the by-laws.

What are the duties of the faculty advisor?
Officers are required to attend an annual orientation during the fall semester as provided by the University of the Pacific Student Activities Center.
How will the organization finance its activities? Will the organization use membership dues and/or perhaps receive ASuop funding or department support?
Registration and Renewal
When will you renew your organization each year?

Will you go by Pacific's schedule?

Does your organization have a unique way of when officers are elected?
Constitutions may also include a "Provision for By-Laws"; Article or a clause pertaining to the establishment of by-laws.

The By-Laws might include some of the following items:
• Standing committees of the organization.
• Ad Hoc Committees of the organization which are established for a single purpose, or 1-year commitment.
Such committees will be eliminated from the By-Laws once abolished.

• Policies pertaining to the time, location of organization meetings.
• Election procedures, dates, terms of offices.
• Structures/purposes of committees.

Located in the ASuop Office
Student run TV Station meant to informs students
Submit a Video/Request a Video to be Made
Janet Leigh Theatre
Graphic Design
* 6 student Graphic Design Interns
* Design: Posters, Flyers, Motion Graphics, Advertisements, Marketing
* Work is design FREE of charge, printing is not included
* 2 weeks before deadline
Contact: asuopdesign@gmail.com
Request Form can be found on OrgSync
Arts and Entertainment
o Equipment Rentals
o Big Screen rentals
o Tent Rentals

(for spaces outside DeRosa University Center and Grace Covell)
Contact: Arts and Entertainment ~ 209-946-2233
Email: asuopae@pacific.edu
Website: www.asuop.pacific.edu
(Big Sound, Fenders, Microphones and Media)
o Social Media Shout Outs
o Event Collaborations

40.1 Only registered student organizations may fundraise in the Student Activities Center and throughout campus.
40.2 If a group reserves a space to sell a given product or service during a specific time period, other groups may be denied like requests
40.3 All fundraising must clearly indicate both beneficiary and sponsoring group
40.4 When selling an item or service, the sponsoring organization must obtain permission from the Director or designee of the Student Activities Center
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