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No description

Colin Davis

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Matilda

zoom! Matilda the great A video describing Matilda Favorite part about Matilda My favorite part was when the Trunchbull or the headmistress made bruce bogtrooter eat the cake. It was my favorite part because I just liked to see what he wanted to do and he took it like a man. Why you should read this You should read this because Matilda is funny, creative, smart, and talented at the same time so you just do not know what she is going to do expecially when the Trunchbull or the Headmistress is around. You should also read it because it is made by 1 of the worlds most knowned artist. One last reason is because it has almost every type of genre of reading like adventure and tragic. What Matilda is about What Matilda is about is how a girl named Matilda was born and her parents didn't care about her. When she was one and a half she wrote her name with baby green beans and her parents didn't care they just thought that is was a big mess. She read every book in the house and her parents thought it was filth. When she was able to get into school her parents told Ms.Trunchbull that she was a pest and she had her eyes on her like a hawk. When Ms.Trunchbull came into the class room after lunch on a Thursday she found out she had powers when she knocked over the glass with her eyes. She thought that she was a phenomen. After that her parents were going on vacation forever as they say and they signed some adoption papers and she got to live with Ms.Honey. Or In this video (under) Bruce is astonished that he has to eat the cake. or My favorite character My favorite character is Lavender because she seems like a girl that likes adventure like when she stuck a newt into Ms.Trunchbulls water. Parts Favorite death daring part My favorite death daring part was in the chapter the platinum blond man . It was when Matilda but the dye in her fathers oil or grease. If I could change the ending If I could change the ending to Matilda I would say that she couldn't go to live with Ms.Honey and one day they are cought.

To be Continued.........................................! Protagonist- Matilda
Antagonist- Ms.Trunchbull
Round character- Matilda
Minor characters-Her parents (Mrs. and Mr.Wormwood)
Major character- Ms.Honey
Author- Roald Dohl
Illustrator- Quentin Blake My slogon
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