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Just lather, that's all.

No description

Renee Carriere

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Just lather, that's all.

During the revolution, there was a brutal executioner named Captain Torres. On a hot day, Captain Torres went to a local barber shop for a shave. Little did he know, the barber was a secret rebel who was trying to overthrow the government. When Captain Torres first walked in, the barber began to get very nervous because of the shows that took place in town, of the rebels being tortured to death by Captain Torres. Throughout the shave, the barber found himself thinking how easy it would be to kill the Captain with the sharp blade of the shaver. After cautious consideration the barber made a decision to let the Captain live. The barber didn't want to be known as a murderer.
Character Development
Internal Conflict: The barber vs Self

External Conflict: Captain Torres vs Rebels
Plot Graph
Trigger: When Captain Torres first walks into the Barber shop and the barber recognizes him. Begins to get very nervous.

Rising Action: When the Barber realizes that he has to treat the Captain as a regular customer.

Climax: The Barber was conscious of how easy it would be to kill the Captain.

Falling Action: When Captain Torres explains how he wants the barber to go to the torture show in town.

Resolution: The Barber decides not to kill Captain Torres because he doesn't want to be considered as a murderer
#1 Foreshadowing:
"Taking pains to see that no single pore omitted a drop of blood"

#2 Character
Static Character = Captain Torres
Round Character= The barber

#3 Narration: Limited Omniscient

#4 Protagonist: The barber

#5 Sterotype: Captain Torres works for the government and is not sympathetic towards citizens
Just lather, that's all.

5 Literary Devices
The role of Captain Torres would be played by George Clooney because he is a talented actor that can maintain the intensity between the 2 characters.

The role of the barber would be played by Josh Peck because he has experience with displaying serious emotion.
Always consider your actions before following through with it because you may regret them in the near by future
by Justine, Renee, Cougar, and Mitchell
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