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Microsoft PowerPoint Environment

No description

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of Microsoft PowerPoint Environment

File Menu
When you click the File menu, you see the Backstage view that contains all the creation, save, share, and print options for your presentations
Slide tab
- Located on the left side of the interface, the Slides pane shows thumbnails of all the slides in the open presentation.
How to Start a PowerPoint Presentation?
Microsoft PowerPoint Environment

Quick Access Toolbar
is a customizable toolbar.Here you can add icons for your often used commands.
Title Bar
it is the bar runs across the top of the application window.The name of the presentation that you are working on will be displayed in the center of this bar
Sizing Button
is to minimize,maximize, and close the PowerPoint window altogether
has tabs which in turn contain groups of buttons for various options — some groups also contain galleries.
Slide area -
Displays the active slide.
Status Bar -
A horizontal strip that provides information about the opened presentation like slide number, applied Theme, etc.
View Button
- Essentially there are three view buttons on the status bar displayed towards the left of the zoom slider.
Zoom Slider - this is use to change the magnification level of the slide in the presentation.
Parts MS PowerPoint Interface
1. Install and Open the MS PowerPoint program to your computer
2. The Presentation gallery provides several ways to start your next presentation using a template, a Theme, a recent presentation, a not-so-recent presentation, or even a blank presentation.
Figure 1
3. Once you make choices in this Presentation gallery, you see the actual PowerPoint interface.
4. Start the slide presentation by inserting text ,picture ,effect, transition , shape, video etc... in empty slide area.
PowerPoint 2013 Interface
Common Shortcut Key Task

File Menu
Quick Access Toolbar
Title Bar
Sizing Button
Slide Tab
Slide Area
Status Bar
View Button
Zoom Slider
The Ribbon contains almost all the commands you need to work with your slides, and is designed in a way that helps you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. You no longer have to search commands endlessly through many menus and sub-menus.
Ctrl + A - Select all items on the page or the active text box
Ctrl + B - Applies bold to the selected text
Ctrl + C - Copy
Ctrl + D - Duplicates the selected object
Ctrl + F - Opens the Find dialog box
Ctrl + G - Opens the Grids and Guides dialog box
Ctrl + H - Opens the Replace dialog box
Ctrl + I - Applies Italics to the selected text
Ctrl + M - Inserts a new slide
Ctrl + N - Opens a new blank presentation
Ctrl + O - Opens the Open dialog box
Ctrl + P - Opens the Print dialog box
Ctrl + S - Save
Ctrl + T - Opens the Font dialog box
Ctrl + U - Applies Underlining to the selected text
Ctrl + V - Paste
Ctrl + W - Closes the presentation
Ctrl + X - Cut
Ctrl + Y - Repeats the last command entered
Ctrl + Z - Undo last change

Alphabetical List of letter keys that can be used with the Ctrl key as a keyboard shortcut to common tasks in PowerPoint.
Thank You!
What is Microsoft PowerPoint Environment?
It is the screen display or interface part of a PowerPoint Window
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