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The white umbrella revised

the white umbrella

Liz Chang

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The white umbrella revised

Development Bibliography (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr The White Umbrella

A chinese family moves into town in the U.S. There is one problem nobody knows what mother's job is. She's coming home late, and never tells anybody anything. Can you guess? Our main characters and point of view is Callie ( the story if from her point of view), her sister Mona, Mrs. Crosman
and Callie's mother. Tone and Mood Mood- Sad but also happy,
Tone- Its very innocent, from the point of view of Callie who is 12. It is also humorous at times, mostly brought by Mona, Callie's little sister, who is also very innocent. Setting
The united States, but the setting is integral and it takes place in Mrs. Crosman's (the piano teacher's)

Also, the Road,
the sewer,
and the car. Style
Emotive style, so it
causes a variety of emotions from sad to happy, and other emtotions too. Plot line Literary Devices "The umbrella glowed like a scepter" -Callie- Simile

"An entire constellation rose in my heart" Personification- Callie-

"We're freezing" - Mona- Hyperbole

"The rain was pricking me all over-" personification - Callie-

It sprang up by itself as if it were alive, as if that were what it wanted to do-" personification - Callie-

" Her face looked dry, and crusty, like day-old frosting." Simile

"A gust of wind littered the street with leaves." - Callie - Personification

"I told her with my fingers" -Callie- Personification

"You're gonna catch pneumonia" -Mona-
"Stupendous!" Callie- and Mrs. Crosman Symbolism The White Umbrella The white umbrella in the story is a symbol of love. How Mrs Crosman gave the umbrella to Callie as a symbol of love, and Callie loved Mrs. Crosman like a mother. After the car crash Callie knew she loved her mother like a mother instead of Mrs. Crosman,and threw the umbrella away, the love away.
Callie is a dynamic character in the story , she changes her 'love' for her Mother, and even Mrs. Crosman too. The rest of the characters are static. Theme Author

Born in 1956 to a chinese family in new york. Gish Jen thought of her family as the " only asian american family in town" and got made fun for it.
Her motto is " if there is a thing i hope readers come away with, its to see asian americans as "us" than "other" Love is Love no matter what you go through, you will always find out that love will always be there. The Language of Literature, Gen, Jish: Mc Dougal Littel, Houghton Mifflin 2003 print Author Gish Jen, Elizabeth Chang and Elise Tanyel Mom has new mystery job? rising Action
mom is not picking the children up. Climax/ Plot
Car crash Resolution
when Callie throws away her umbrella
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