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Spy Project

No description

Francie Bernstein

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Spy Project

Problem #5 Save the Day Gather
Information Take Down the
Bad Guy Receive
Mission Once Nicole reaches the top of the train, Francie quickly climbs the ladder and begins to chase after Nicole. Nicole has a mass of 45.4kg. As the train begins to pass over a bridge, which is 50m above a river, Nicole tricks Francie into thinking that she will go back to being good. Just as Francie reaches Nicole, Nicole jumps off the train. How fast does she hit the water? The Product Problem #4 As soon as Francie and Nicole are done pushing the barrels of gas in front of the robber's car, they run back to their car and unfreeze time. The robber continues accelerating as if time had never been frozen.The mass of the robber's car is 1,450kg and the car is moving at 50m/s. He sees the barrels in front of his car and steps on the breaks, but it is too late. He smashes into two of the 157kg barrels at rest, causing him and his car to explode and the barrels to stick. What is the final speed of the robber's car? Problem #2 Francie Freeze and Nicole Storm are chasing a robber downtown. All of a sudden, Nicole sees three 157kg barrels of gas on the side of the road. "Let's push the barrels in front of the robber's car," says Nicole. Francie takes out her spy gadget and freezes time. They both get out of the car and push the barrels a total of 20m. Francie pushes the barrels with an acceleration of 3m/s . How much work did she do and how much power did she generate? Problem #1 Francie Freeze chases Nicole Storm to the train station. Nicole climbs the side ladder to reach the top of the train and Francie follows her. The train is moving at 25m/s and they are both 4 m above the ground. Francie has a mass of 46kg. What is Francie's total energy? Problem #3 Resources When Nicole hits the water, Francie Freeze jumps off the train and parachutes towards the water. Francie has a mass of 46 kg. She notices a boat that is filled to the brim with pillows for the nearby pillow factory. A pillow has a mass of 1 kg. Francie unhooks herself from the parachute and falls straight for the boat. Her velocity is 85m/s. If the pillow is at rest, what is Francie's final velocity when she bounces off the pillow? Problem #6 Spy Mission The Epic 2 While on top of the train, Francie tries talking some sense into Nicole. Francie tries convincing Nicole to stop being evil and to return to being good. The train's mass is 2,000kg and it is moving at 25m/s. What is the train's momentum? The city is in trouble! By: Francie Bernstein
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