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Homeless Bird

No description

Ashley Ibraham

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Homeless Bird

Homeless Bird
Gloria Whelan
Reviewed by: Noa, Elida, and Ashley Summary:
Koly is a 13 year old girl who lives with her
maa, baap, and 2 siblings. Koly's parents find
her a husband and she leaves her family to get
married to Hari. Hari is very sick and ends up dying. Koly has to live with her in-laws who treat her like a slave. Later on in her life, she finds out that she is going to move to her Sass' brothers house, but she ends up stranded in a city because her Sass left her there. She finds Raji, a boy who drives a rickshaw. Raji showed Koly a place where she could stay. Koly grows fond with the other girls at Maa Kamala's where she is staying. She gets a job as an embroiderer of saris. Raji and Koly's relationship grows from a friendship to a future marriage. The book ends with Koly getting everything she wanted. A perfect husband, perfect job, and perfect friends to share with. Antagonists:
Sass and Mala Protagonist:
Koly, Maa
Kamala, and
Raji Setting:
Present day
India Conflict:
Koly has to leave her family to marry someone she doesn't even know. Homeless Bird was a very
interesting novel. We liked
it a lot because we learned
so much new things we
never knew about the Indian
culture. The author used very
good detail which made us even
more involved in the book. We
really enjoyed it and hope to
read more books like it. We would recomend
this book to anyone who
liked to learn about new
cultures. Also anyone who
is interested in a very deep and
realisitic novel. It is best for
the ages between 12 and 14. Pros:
1. You learn so much.
2. It makes you realize
how lucky you are to live
in the USA.
3. It is a very inspiring book
that shows that there is
hope in everything. Cons:
1. This book really is just about the Indian culutre. Nothing else. Excerpt:
To frighetened by the words
to sleep, I lay awake that night
listening to the unfamiliar
sounds. Voices rose and fell in a
nearby room, and from another
direction soomeone coughed.
I longed to beg my parents to
take me home. I would promise
to work very hard. But I could
not ask such a thing. To refuse
to go through with the marriage
would bring dishonor to my family.
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