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Great lakes:Invasive species

No description

shawntae nelson

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Great lakes:Invasive species

Zebra Mussels Invasive species in our Great lakes. Round Goby Sea Lamprey Asian Carp -Dreissena polymorpha
-up to 4 inches in size
-sharp tips
-Sticks to things
-can reproduce over a million offspring’s
-Economic problem
Solution:Chemicals or Natural -Very aggressive
-Spawns every 6 weeks from April to August
-Average cluster of eggs is 300 to 5,000
-Take prime breeding spots from native fish -Like Yellow Perch and Sculpin
-Decrease number of native fish where Round Goby's are -A ugly parasite
-Feeds on trouts,walleyes,whitefish ect.
-They also have other names like great sea lamprey,landlocked lamprey,lake lamprey,lamprey eel.
-Long flexible body
-A suction cup like mouth
-Kills 40 or more pounds of fish.
-From the Atlantic ocean.
-Now all over the great lakes
-U.S and Canada teamed up to make the greatlakes fishery commission
three soulions:
2.Setting up barriers at there spawn
3.chemicals in the water that only kill lamprey. -Carp are dangerous
-Carp eat food our fish need.
-Kills fish
-Our economy dies
-Killed by impact,its humane
-Donates to the DNRE
-Electric fence
-Canal If we spread the word about invasive species,will it help decimate the population?
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