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English 20

Jocelyn Chui

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Choices

Choices by: Susan Kerslake By: Lily, Natty and Jocelyn Plot Setting Characters Theme Point of View Mood Foreshadow Antecedent action:
The meeting of Peggy and Ken
Ken planning the week-end trip Peggy:
no scars seen
Dynamic character
Protagonist Beginning:
lazy and sluggish Choices Third person limited omniscient no "scars" on her legs
Foreshadowing something happening that will run the image of having no scars. External conflict Conflict Initial incident:
Peggy choosing to go on the trip Climax:
car accident on highway Resolution:
Rescue from wreckage Denouement:
Time in the hospital and her epiphany of how their are many choices in life and how Ken just made his.
Her thoughts about the rest of her life. Rising action:
Peggy getting into the car
Peggy sleeping in the car
Noticing Ken suddenly bend back and front Falling action:
Peggy coming into awareness.
Peggy trying to escape wreckage.
Peggy realizes that she could not move her legs
attempts to call out to people outside
realize that she could have said no to Ken about the trip Physical setting(before accident):
Sunny, hot, summer day
sometime during the start of the week-end
Physical setting(During rising action):
In a car-(car was blue, with black seats, and silver trimming on other equipment.)
Some section of a highway
Physical setting(after resolution):
hospital Emotional setting(before accident):
calm and peaceful
outside the apartment there was a sense of people in a rush
Emotional setting(during rising action):
Emotional setting(after resolution):
guilty and ashamed(Ken)
conflicted(Peggy) Ken:
curly brown hair
average height Relationship:
friends with benefits Throughout:
Started of calm but mood got tenser as the story progressed Responsibilities Thoughts and feelings of the character Peggy are revealed. Internal conflict Peggy vs accident Peggy vs self Ken vs self Author biography Susan Kerslake
Born in Chicago in 1948
moved to Halifax in 1996
publications: "Middlewatch", "Penumbra, "Blind Date" and "The Book of Fears"
she has worked at a bookstore, the Killam library at Dalhousie University
She was a child care worker at St. Joseph's children's centre
Was a child life worker at the I.W.K Grace Hospital for children.
Worked as a volunteer with children with cystic fibrosis for over 20 years. The End
Thanks for watching During car crash:
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