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Vampire Academy

2nd Six Weeks Project

India Perry

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Vampire Academy

A book that entails a teenager's journey from party queen to fierce warrior. Vampire Academy By: Richelle Mead Characters to Keep an Eye On Meet the charcters Picture a society where vampires, Moroi, live in fear of the truly undead blood thirsty stereotypical vampires, Strigoi. With only the protection of assigned half bred Human and Moroi, dhapmirs,
Rose has been with Vasilisa, or more commonly called Lissa, since Kindergarten, and after a car accident Lissa and Rose had formed a physic bond through the rare elemental power of spirit.
After spirit starts slowly driving Lissa to extreme emotions of. Rose and Lissa escape from the secure Academy made specifically for their kind and go into the real world littered with Strigoi who hunt Moroi for the blood that increases their strength.
Their trip is soon ended by Dimitri, a newly assigned god-like guardian to the Academy, and Rose's forbidden love interest.
Torn between duty and soul's true desire Rose has to choose.
Which is more important? To Die for Plot This isn't another Twilight knock off.
Rose, unlike Bella shows her emotions, and is bold about them. She doesn't care what you think unless you have answers to her relationship problems. She also doesn't wait on people to fight for her, she does wants and what is needed to survive in that moment.
You are so drawn into the book the actions will seem like a movie playing right in front of you, Ms. Mead wrote this series vivid enough for you to imagine it playing out in front of you, even if you lack all imagination.
The forbidden romance and betrayal between Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri adds to the drama and suspense of the whole plot itself. Rose has a very intricate personal life similar to your own, and especially with the rumors that spread
I know the romance and drama doesn't sell the books to guys, but Rose herself is a strong hero; throughout the series she becomes great with battle tactics, and even kills her fair share of evil doing Strigoi. Recommendation Thrilling topics that are sure to reel anybody in Still not ready to 'Sink you teeth' into it... "His face was unreadable, but he held out his hands in what was apparently supposed to be some sort of calming gesture, like I was a rabid animal he was planning to sedate."

- Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy) Quotes laced with Cumpulsion Bountiful Resoucres Vasilisa Dragomir Dimitri Belikov The
Race Survival Forbidden Romance Reading Level: 9+
Genre: Supernatural Gossip Battles Embrace Your feelings http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Rose+Hathaway&view=detail&id=3268C8200F547C86346FB566AC7100870549D37B&first=1





http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=battle+mark+of+vampire+academy&view=detail&id=A7CAA3E724F39D251E342EC7B7850F7BA6EF859C Rose Hathaway The Dasatardly Evil Villains Rose: "Any idea who I just threatened to beat up?”

Lissa: "Not a clue."

- Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy) "I'll kill her, you know. The queen, not Natalie. Screw the guardians. I'll do it. She can't get away with that."

- Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy) "Do I need to give you the Christian's-a-psychopathic-loser talk again?"

- Rose Hathaway to Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy) "Bound by love, but sworn to kill."
- Rose Hathaway (Blood Promise) Love Betrayal Coming of Age Maturing Duty Bound Nature Tradition A Russian Dhampir new to Saint Vladamir's Vampire Academy, but still everyone refers to him as god like because of his fierce yet graceful fighting skills. He serves as one of the school's Guardian's until Lissa graduates, and will become Lissa's guardian. Along the way Dimitri finds himself falling in love with the Rose Hathaway the other guardian assigned to protect Lissa after graduation. Will fate interrupt with this love affair? Rose Hathaway, also known as a popular dhampir girl capable of getting any guy, is extremely serious about her role as a guardian, even more so because she will be guarding her childhood friend Lissa, and because her mom is like a guardian legend despite her bad parenting. After she leaves with Lissa to the human world for the sake of Lissa's sanity, she becomes less of a carefree person and slowly matures. Her departure from the Academy has put her behind, but by nature she catches up quickly, with the help of Dimitri's practice sessions. As the sessions progress Rose realizes her admiration for Dimitri is actually love, but will that conflict with her duty as Lissa's Guardian and friend? The last Dragomir, an extremely elite Moroi royal family. Because of a fatal accident, she is now the last Dragomir, she is assigned two guardians, Dimitri and Rose. Rose and Lissa have a physic bond, formed when Lissa resuscitated Rose from the accident, which keeps Rose aware of Lissa's feelings and location. Lissa also specialized in the element of spirit, a rare Moroi elemental that enhances compulsion, allows you to read auras, and even restore life into living or perhaps dead object. Despite their close friendship what secrets are being held by both ends? Action Strigoi are as stereotypical as it can get when it comes to vampires; they combust in the sun, have immortality, and live on blood. The few humans that actually know about the society of vampires, think the Moroi and Strigoi are the same, while the Strigoi is truly evil, killing their sources of blood, while Moroi take in small amounts. What's worse is that anyone can be turned, even the one you hold close to you heart. Can you imagine being sworn killing the person who was your world, or even fearing their existence for the fact that they could kill you without any hesitation?
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