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Senate House

Ethnomusicology and e-research – what to expect?

Polina Proutskova

on 12 July 2011

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Transcript of Senate House

repertoires Large
collections ethno
ology MIR = music
research e-research computational
anthropology computational
ethnomusicology + EVIADA automatic style description audio similarity licks extraction and
stylistic fingerprints single data infrastructure + access search extract knowledge exchange needs computational methods field recordings annotations descriptions, field notes analyses transcriptions any related information contribute publish compare comment on digital libraries link annotate consistent interlinked searchable compatible ethnographies computational approaches for Western popular music Western classical music Jazz African music annotate preserve teach publish audio analysis could help with routine tasks segment events annotate content type (speech, solo singing, instrumental) find all performances of a given song find all performances by a given singer find all interviews with a given protagonist basic stylistic description Cantometrics Similarity measure Mapping relationships MIR descriptors Location-tracking
geo interface for
collections musical
change Dirk Moelants, Olmo Cornelis, Marc Leman Armand Leroi, Jonathan Swire manage
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