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AB 1401 Li & Fung

No description

Nicole Lee

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of AB 1401 Li & Fung

Case Assignment TRADING LOGISTICS Offers comprehensive menu of logistic solution to customers
An end-to-end solution Core Businesses DISTRIBUTION 3 pillars - Private labels, proprietary brands and licensing of recognized brands
Meets specific needs Supply Chain Management THE BUSINESS IT IT INFRASTRUCTURE Intranet & Extranet Telecommunications Mobile
Technology Resolution THANKS FOR VIEWING References: Presented By:
Chan Yu Ying
Liu Mei Xi
Ng Zi Hang Stanley
Nicole Lee Jia Ying
Xu Shen Yi ~Traditional Companies VS Li & Fung ~Traditional Companies VS Li & Fung ~Traditional Companies VS Li & Fung ~Traditional Companies VS Li & Fung Traditional Companies VS Li & Fung Sources goods from various manufacturers
Has wide network of suppliers
A convenient one-stop shop RETAILING Retail operator and license
holder of: Convenience Retail
Asia Limited, Trinity Limited,
Toys 'R' Us etc... Business Model Concept Provide online service to streamline supply chain management
Open opportunities to break into new markets Capabilities Well-educated management team
Well-established offline company
Owner financing
Vast resourcing and network abilities
Economies of scale Value Shorter ordering times
Reduced inventory cost
Online manufacturing
Updated market trend information Application
Software ecVision Internal Softwares Yes IT as a threat to Li & Fung's role as a middleman No 1. IT helps directly connect manufacturers
with final customers without the need of
intermediaries. 2. IT encouraged the growth of pure play B2B
companies that strongly compete with
brick-and-mortar companies like L&F. Is IT necessarily a threat to Li & Fung's role as a middleman? Human Interaction Vast network of working partners Cultivating long-term relationships with partners
and customers In-depth knowledge Specialization Ability to orchestrate factories Economies of Scale USD$15 billion company Operations spanning more than 40 economies Orchestrates 14,000 factories around the world Employs 15,000 people Bargaining Power IT as an opportunity instead of a threat Promotes integrated management of supply chain IT increases Li & Fung’s competitive advantage Value delivery network IT helps drive down supply-chain costs IT as a business strategy The 3-year plan Setting IT strategies that align with the business strategy IT goals include creating transparency and collaboration, focusing on upgrades to the core platform and extending the supply chain Victor FUNG William FUNG Background 1906 1949 Founded in 1906
China Trader 1949 1979 Hong Kong - based
Exporter 1979 1995 Regional
Company 1995 Multinational
Group Transformed from traditional export trading company to global supply chain management firm
Leader in consumer goods design, development, sourcing and distribution Data Management Part of Li & Fung's extensive Intranet and Extranet network
Promotes collaboration and enhances communication Caters to both major clients and small customers
- Total Sourcing
- Kodimsum.com
Increases efficiency of supply chain management
Timely and accurate communication Links employees and offices worldwide
- Facilitates sharing of information
Links with regulatory bodies
- Promotes transparency Integrates vendors' platforms into a single cloud-based portal
Freer flow of information
Promotes collaboration with suppliers
Flexible Reduces traveling and telecommunication costs
Improved communication
Easier maintenance of customer relationships Quality control
Able to keep track even in less wired areas Li & Fung's Competitive Advantage Proprietary software
Accurate tracking of orders
Transition from paper to electronic documents
Reduces costs and increases efficiency Finances Wholesale Systems Integration http://www.cbpp.uaa.alaska.edu/afef/disintermediation_and_reintermed.htm



http://apparel.edgl.com/case-studies/Li---Fung-Streamlines-Acquisitions-and-Supply-Base-with-IT64342 http://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cb/product/GS59-PDF-ENG http://www.lifung.com/eng/company/ http://www.funggroup.com/eng/businesses/ http://apparel.edgl.com/case-studies/Li---Fung-Streamlines-Acquisitions-and-Supply-Base-with-IT64342



http://apparelresources.com/new/next.asp?cod=F&msg=10767 TRADING LOGISTICS DISTRIBUTION RETAILING
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