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East of Eden

No description

Katy Kuchler

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of East of Eden

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli East of Eden
by John Steinbeck Characters Major Trask Family Hamilton Family Parents: Liza and Samuel Hamilton Plot Plot Cont. Adam takes Cathy in and falls in love with her.

When Cathy becomes well, Adam proposes & she says yes.

Charles kicks Adam and Cathy out. (That night Cathy and Charles sleep together).

Adam and Cathy move to the Salinas Valley.
Cathy discovers she's pregnant and tries to abort her own baby. Plot Cont. As the twins grow, Aron manifests his father's traits while Cal begins to turn into his mother.

Cal struggles and prays to becomes more like Aron.

Samuel tells Adam the truth about Cathy and dies shortly afterward.

After his funeral, Adam visits Cathy at the brothel.
Adam decides he can move on, while Cathy tries to regain power over him. Cal Trask-Pro/Antagonist(D)
Aron Trask-(S)
Adam Trask-Protagonist(D)
Cathy Ames-Antagonist(D)
Samuel Hamilton-(S)
Abra Bacon-(S) Minor Cyrus Trask
Alice Trask
Charles Trask
Liza Hamilton
Will Hamilton
George Hamilton
Tom Hamilton
Joe Hamilton
Dessie Hamilton
Una Hamilton
Lizzie Hamilton
Olive Hamilton
Mollie Hamilton Mr. Edwards
Joe Valery Children:
George- oldest
Will- pracitcal, business oriented
Tom- "crazy", opposite of Will
Joe- has big dreams, attends Stanford
Lizzie- marries young
Una- "dark & brooding", marries & dies young
Dessie- dressmaker, lovely personality
Olive- teacher, narrator's mother
Mollie- youngest, beautiful, marries & moves to San Fransisco 1870: Samuel & Liza arrive in the Salinas Valley from Ireland on the most barren plot of land

Meanwhile, Adam and Charles are growing up on their father's ranch in Connecticut.

Adam gets forced into the army by his father, Charles continues to live on the ranch.

Adam and Charles write back and forth

Adam returns from the war and moves in with Charles, after obtaining their father's inheritance. At the same time, a young girl named Cathy locks her parents in the house and burns it down.

She escapes, changes her name & becomes a prostitute.

She seduces the "pimp" Mr. Edwards, he falls in love with her & buys her a home.

He beats her nearly to death. She drags herself to the front porch of Adam
and Charles. Adam gets advice on land from
Samuel and they become close friends.

Cathy gives birth to twins (with Samuel's help).

She then shoots Adam in the arm and runs away. Adam covers for her to the police and falls into an IMMENSE depression. Cathy changes her name again and becomes
a prostitute not far from Adam's home.
She gains the trust of the owner, poisons her,
and takes over the brothel & starts to blackmail powerful men in Salinas with photographs of them performing sadomasochistic sex acts with her and her prostitutes. Adam moves off the ranch and into
town so the boys can attend school.

Aron begins dating Abra Bacon (daughter of a "corrupt" county supervisor)

Cal discovers the truth about his mother and believes her evil has been passed down to him.
Lee tries to convince him otherwise.

Aron becomes very religious.

Adam uses up the family fortune in an attempt to ship refrigerated vegetables and fails.
Aron graduates & attends
Stanford. Plot Cont. Cal works secretly with Will Hamilton to earn back his father's fortune & pay his brother's tuition.
(Buying beans at low price, selling to British at high price).

Aron comes home for Thanksgiving. Cal gives his father the money.

Cal tells Aron the truth about their mother. Aron joins the army in secret the next day.

Cathy is so upset by her son's reaction that she commits suicide.

She leaves her entire fortune to Aron & informs the police of Joe's jail break.
Lee discusses "timshel" with Cal to get him out of his guilt.

Cal begins dating Abra.

Aron is killed in WWI.
Adam has a stroke.
Lee asks Adam to give Cal his blessing. Adam whispers "timshel" and then dies. Plot Cont. Meanwhile, a prostitute named Ethel
tries to blackmail Cathy because she
finds evidence of Cathy murdering Faye.

Cathy kicks her out and then hires her helping hand, Joe (an escaped prisoner), to follow her.

Joe finds out that Ethel has drowned, but tells Cathy he just can't find her instead.

Charles dies and leaves his fortune to Adam & Cathy.
Adam lets Cathy know, they fight about the money, and Cathy tells Adam that his children are actually Charles's. Setting Setting: Connecticut/ Salinas Valley, CA Aron Trask Abra Bacon Cal Trask Cathy Ames Adam Trask Lee Samuel Hamilton Foreshadowing Naming!
Cathy = "monster"
Aron & the promise land Climax Resolution There really isn't one...... Conflict man vs man
(Cathy vs Adam) Conflict Cont. man vs self (internal)
Cal Trask "I believe there are monsters born in the world to human parents. . . . The
face and body may be perfect, but if a twisted gene or a malformed egg can
produce physical monsters, may not the same process produce a malformed soul?" "Perhaps Adam did not see Cathy at all, so lighted was she by his eyes. Burned in his mind was an
image of beauty and tenderness, a sweet and holy girl, precious beyond thinking, clean and
loving, and that image was Cathy to her husband, and nothing Cathy did or said could warp
Adam’s Cathy." “Dear Lord,” he said. “let me be like Aron. Don’t make me mean. I don’t want to be. If you will
let everybody like me, why, I’ll give you anything in the world, and if I haven’t got it, why, I’ll
go for to get it. I don’t want to be mean. I don’t want to be lonely. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.” Symbols The Salinas Valley:
struggle between good and evil
where Adam & Eve go when they are banished from Eden

Charles's Scar:
"mark of Cain"
“I don’t know why it bothers me. I got plenty other scars. It just seems like I was marked.” Motifs The Story of Cain and Abel:
Charles & Adam
Aron & Cal "Am I supposed to look out for him?" "Am I my brother's keeper?" Themes Good vs. Evil: "Was it good or was it evil? Have I done well—or ill?” Cathy
Cal Samuel
Abra Themes Cont. "timshel"/ "thou mayest" “Don’t you see?” he cried. “The American Standard translation orders men to triumph over sin, and you can call sin ignorance. The King James translation makes a promise in ‘Thou shalt,’ meaning that men will surely triumph over sin. But the Hebrew word, the word timshel—‘Thou mayest’— that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if ‘Thou mayest’—it is also true that ‘Thou mayest not.’ Don’t you see?”
“But 'Thou mayest!'! Why, that makes a man great, that gives him stature with the gods, for in his weakness and his filth and his murder of his brother he has still the great choice. He can choose his course and fight it through and win.” Reflection “A man so painfully in love is capable of self-torture beyond belief.”
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