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Christmas Carol Timeline

No description

Brandon Beard

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Christmas Carol Timeline

First Event Fifth Event The first event that happened to Scrooge is when his nephew had arrived at his shop, the nephew asked his uncle Scrooge if he would like to join his nephew for dinner. He also told him Merry Christmas, but all Scrooge said was "Bah, Humbug". They then had a huge argument. The second event that happened is these two people came into Scrooge's shop, and they were asking Scrooge to help the poor children with donation, but as usual, grumpy Scrooge refused. Second Event The third event that happened is that there were a group of Christmas Carolers, they were kids, and they were at a house beside Scrooge's shop. One of the kids had thought he would go over to Scrooge and carol a Christmas song. The kid regrets what he did and the whole group just ran away as soon as Scrooge opened the door. Third Event When Scrooge had headed home for the night after work, he had gone upstairs in his house to have a cup of soup, but he heard something. So he locked up all the doors and windows in his bedroom. He heard footsteps coming from the stairs leading to his room. He ha seen the ghost of his dead and former partner, Jacob Marley.Scrooge did not know who the spirit was then, but he eventually found out and was shocked. Fourth Event Another spirit had come into Scrooge's home. It is the spirit went to foretell Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Past. Scrooge thought of long past, but it was of Scrooge's past. They had a discussion, but the phantom finally said, "rise and follow me". He did as the specter said, and ended up in his childhood. In his hometown. He memorised the path they warped to. He then remebered a lot of his childhood. He wound up in the house he had been living in at the time. He watched himself do everything at the time.
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