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Flush By: Carl Hiaasen

No description

Destiny Clough

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Flush By: Carl Hiaasen

Flush By: Carl Hiaasen
What is the conflict in this book?

- The Major conflict in this book is Individual vs. Individual. Because Noah the main character is trying to find out whether or not Dusty dumped waste in the ocean, and his dad is in jail because he sunk Dusty's ship because he saw him dump the waste.
What is the author trying to tell us?
-Carl Hiaasen idea is to get through the reader that 2 wrongs don't make a right and if you see someone do something bad report is as soon as you can. In this case Dusty and Noah's dad have had trouble even back then and still now.
If you could change 1 part of the book why or why not?
I would change the part about Lice Peeking another character in the book. Because he's not trust worthy and he's always bailing out and getting out of work.
Did you like this book? Would you recommend is to a friend?
Yes, I did like the book but there were some parts were its was just boring and not that fun to read. Yes, I would recommend this book to a friend because it's a very funny book and sometimes you don't know what going to happen next.
How would it alter the rest of the story?
Even though they wouldn't have him it would be hard to get info on Dusty because Lice use to work there but at the end they can really count on him he should just be more trust worthy.
Does this book remind you of anyone or has this happened to anyone you know?
Yes this reminds me of my uncle and when he was little. He couldn't fish in the lake because people would throw trash in there and a lot of the fish dies because of that and my uncle loves to fish.
What did you like most about the book?
What I liked was when Noah stook up for his dad and helped him find the avidence and what had happened with Dusty and the waste.
The book is about a young boy named Noah, and his younger sister Abbie there not to far from age but they are related. Noah's dad has always been a trouble man in and out of jail for stupid things that he had done but a lot of it is because he's trying to stick up for people and he puts it in a wrong way. Well this time he's not going to get out of jail this easy. He saw Dusty dump waste in the ocean but Dusty refuses to fess up. So Noah's dad high jacked Dusty's ship and sank it. Dusty sewed him and said he's nothing but a liar but Noah's dad did see him dump the waste in the ocean. So now Noah has to see it for himself and get some info on Lice Peeking, Lice used to work on the boat for Dusty but he got fired because he took Dusty's girlfriend. And Lice Peeking is always going off some where and Noah can never find him, so Lice Peeking girl is going to go work as a bar tender to get more info on the boat. Wells this is all happening Noah's dad is on house arrest and he can't do anything about it. But all in the end up seeing Dusty dumping waste into the ocean, on film. And the police take Noah's dad off house arrest and arrest Dusty for what he did.
What was the ending like?
The ending was a little interesting actually because it all ended really well. There was a lot of conflict between Dusty and Lice and especially with Noah's dad. But everything ended up as they expected in the end. Noah's dad got out of house arrest and Lice got his boat that Noah promised him and Dusty went to jail for what he did and Lice Peekig's girl ended up breaking up with Lice but they are still friends.
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