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Last Week in History (No Text)

No description

James Conner

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Last Week in History (No Text)

I remember them as being some of the best years of my life. Your academics are important, but depending on how you want to live your life, its not the end all to be all.

The people you choose to hang out with for the next four years, will heavily influence your life and who you will be four years from now.
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
Friendships influence your daily actions, your academic progress, your morals and self esteem and sense of self worth.
How will you define success, and what skills will you need to achieve it?
Tease Your Friends
Let it go...
Be the person you want to be
My thoughts on the years ahead...
Statistically, all of you are going to pass. Will you be prepared, or will there be a steep learning curve?
Alcohol and Drugs
What kind of person do you consider yourself to be?
Be that person.

You have no idea what someone else is already dealing with. What was their morning like?
You probably aren't going to marry your high school sweet heart. Learn from these relationships.
Strong relationships are built over time. Make sure there is a connection that goes beyond appearance.
Statistically, you will likely be in love 4-5 times, and have your heart broken 3 of those times. It happens. It's going to hurt. Learn from it. Being with someone releases all sorts of chemicals into the body. When you are no longer getting those feel good chemicals- its your body going through withdrawal. Don't sit there asking yourself what you did wrong. Learn from it and move on.

Most of the time, the reason for a breakup is- it just isn't working.

Feel the pain, reflect on what you did and did not like about the relationship, and get back out there.
You will be much happier if you accept you for you. As you become an adult, you'll realize we are all a bit weird. We all have our quirks. Embrace your weirdness, spend time doing the things you like to do. Don't let others rain on your parade.
Consider the risk, consider the potential outcomes, weigh the pros and cons.

Try something new- dare to do something different than the norm. Walk to the beat of your own drum.

Don't be
. Do what you want to do, not what the crowd is already doing. I've had some awesome experiences doing things on my own, because its what I wanted to do.
If you spend the next four years worrying about what everyone else is thinking, worrying about 'what ifs' that will never happen- your going to look back in four years and realize you spent your time worried about a bunch of stuff that didn't matter in the end.
Educate Yourself
Set and setting.

You can make some really dumb decisions while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Look out for each other, someone should stay sober, a voice of reason.

Learn your limits. Hard alcohol is dangerous.

Its not a "chugging contest". The coolest person at the end of the night is vary rarely the one who drank the most.
You have the internet.
Know what you're getting into,
know the risks.
Most movies are not accurate sources of information.
Yelling won't get you anywhere, speak calmly, keep it above the belt, and try to understand why the other person is frustrated. Learn to discuss not debate. The goal should not be to prove a point, but to find a solution.
Don't try to fix a broken relationship...
You're young... if its not meant to be its not meant to be.
Make Conversation not War
They will keep you sane.
Look after each other.
They love you. They want what's best for you-and that means doing their best to manage dealing with an, at times irrational adolescent. Develop open communication early. Let them into your life. By cutting them off, you will only cause them to pry and make assumptions.
Show your teachers some respect.

Believe it or not we want to help you succeed. All of us. Put in real effort and you would be amazed at how a teacher will change their approach to working with you. Learn to love learning, ask questions, participate in class.
Last Week In History
Last Week In History
College- Real Life
Use the time to develop yourself, develop your skills. When you leave this building 4 years from now, you're going to be out there in the real world. What type of habits will you develop between now and then?
Learn to enjoy learning.
You have 4,984 more hours here. Make the most of it.
Not necessarily what we teach you. But the things that you actually care about. Invest time in doing and learning about the things that you find interesting.
Two Years Until the IB
High School
Be Yourself
Broken Hearts
six month rule- honeymoon phase
Don't be afraid to go solo for awhile.
If you're not happy, stop wasting your time. Let the other person know its not working for you.
You should have a zero policy for cheating.
If you are in the wrong- apologize.
We all make mistakes, forgive or forget, but don't hold on to it.
Not the kid at the other table
Why are you going out of your way to make someone else feel bad?
Kill them with kindness.
Be Safe
Be Smart
Appreciate the next four years
Take Risks
They are your
It would be better for your development if you waited until you were older.
If the person isn´t happy with who you are, don´t change into the person they want you to be. Neither one of you will ever be happy.
Encourage each other, support each other in the other´s goals
Try to learn what you are looking for in a partner.
Reflect on what kind of partner you want to be.
What characteristics do you need in your partner? Independent or Interdependent, nurturing, humble, honesty, devotion, funny, intelligent, etc.
sometimes even when you´re right.
Disclaimer: For the record I am not telling you to do drugs or drink alcohol. But I´m not naive and know that young people do tend to be involved with the two. So I would like to offer what I believe to be - quality advice on the subject.
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