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AP Lang & Comp -- Quarter 3

No description

Angela Single

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of AP Lang & Comp -- Quarter 3

*Pick up both synthesis essays & review them before answering the Journal Q*

What is the most difficult part of writing the synthesis essay? What was the easiest? What do you need help with?

Objective: TSW
select a synthesis essay to revise
participate in peer revision & complete a final draft
Wednesday, 1/28/15
Friday, 1/30/15
Journal: What did you score the essay & why?

Objective: TSW evaluate the impact of visual media through text and images IOT compose a synthesis essay

Review SSR - scoring decisions & rationale - through journal question
Review objective
Visual activity
Think & share: what is the impact of each of these images? What thoughts & feelings do they inspire?
Synthesis essay
Objective: TSW evaluate the impact of visual media through text and images IOT compose a synthesis essay
Friday, 1/30/15
Complete a Rhetorical Precis for the student essay based on the monuments synthesis prompt.
Once finished, score the essay, providing a rational for your score.
-Write this (score & rationale) neatly in your comp book. Shoot for ten lines (hint hint).
Your new seats correspond with your new writing groups.
AP Lang & Comp -- Quarter 3
Journal & objective
Complete peer edits within groups for one of your two synthesis essays
This may go a little slower with 5 person groups instead of 4 person groups
HW - clean essay copy
No new journal; we'll review the journal from last class. You do not need write the question and do not need to write today's objective.

Q: What would you have scored this essay? Why? (It would probably be good to give your score, then give the pros and cons that helped you to award that score.)
Tuesday, 2/3/15
Review journal Q from last class.
Turn in precis from last class (except Deion; thank you, Deion!)
About the photography prompt -- why did no one tell me all the sources weren't there until Kiki last night at the meet?
Ugh...I dislike procrastination & copiers
Review positives/negatives about the synthesis essay and generate a "to-do" & "not to-do"
Go over new example.
Tuesday, 2/3/15
Synthesis essays
Let's look at what you need to do.
Grace, Morgan Epps, William & Malik - share some of the positives from your graded essays & we'll compile a list of "do this" points.
Everyone - share some of the things to avoid & we'll compile a "don't do this" list, too.

Examining a new piece
Let's look at the prompt, the breakdown, and start in on source analysis.

HW: Read & annotate all eight sources.
Find the argument
Find the support for the argument
Decide what side of the issue it supports
Homework is to READ & ANNOTATE the 8 sources.
SSR 1st, please.
For SSR - each group write a precis for each of the assigned sources
Pod 1: A & B
Pod 3: C & D
Pod 4: E & F
Pod 6: G & H

Journal Q:
Does wealth correlate with happiness? Why/how or why not?

TSW review the sources given through precis & discussion IOT prepare to complete a synthesis essay
Thursday, 2/5/15
Journal & objective
Review the argument & support in each of the sources
Review the approaches to the essay
Wealth correlates with happiness (4 options for HOW)
Wealth does NOT correlate with happiness
Review our "to do" & "not to do" points
Begin essay composition (finish for HW due Monday)
Note: No place on the agenda below is dedicated to whining about, crying about, or throwing a fit about report cards. I update BCPSOne at least weekly. It is your responsibility to check, not my responsibility to tell you. Grades should NOT be a surprise. It's AP, and it's difficult.
Journal Q:
What was the easiest portion of writing this synthesis essay? The most difficult? Why?

TSW peer review and edit their wealth/happiness essays IOT prepare for the submission of a final draft
Monday, 2/9/15
Turn essay in for HW quick check
Journal & objective
Essay pass back
Writing group time
If everyone edits for you, write the last peer's info on the back of your sheet
Don't forget the +2 for "yes, I would work with them again"
Make sure to turn in your eval sheets prior to leaving class
Clean final draft due next class (feel free to type it if your handwriting isn't pretty!)
Journal Q:
Respond to the following visuals related to standardized testing

use open-ended questioning as a strategy
improve performance on multiple choice exercises
Wednesday, 2/11/15
Turn in essay
Journal & objective
Multiple choice practice activity
Group work for open-ended questions
Individual work for related MC
Due before leaving class!
Friday, 2/13/15
Read the two articles and complete a precis on each for your SSR score

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? What would you change about the situation if you could go back to alter it?

participate in a Socratic Seminar
demonstrate analysis of argumentation & synthesis of / connections to source material

Socratic seminar
A minimum of two participation points will be required; no student may speak more than four times.
Lead Q: If it's teenage brain chemistry, why are the boys highlighted in the second article?
Tuesday, 2/24/15
Make-up SSR first since we missed it Friday:
Please read & analyze the first piece in the analysis packet, then compose your précis.
(KEEP THIS PACKET. I did not make extra & we will be using this over the remainder of the year.)

Why do politicians make speeches? What strategies make them effective? What strategies are ineffective?

Objective: TSW
read, annotate, and analyze an argument through a précis
compose a literary analysis essay

Make-up SSR
Journal & objective
Begin essay...finish Thurs (due to delayed opening)

Wednesday, 3/2/15
No journal & objective is the same as last Tuesday's!
Some notes -- write your responses on an index card, along with your name!
1) I need your tee-shirt size for an AP activity
2) I need to know if you plan to take the AP Lang & Comp exam in May
Yes & why or no & why
If I disagree w/ your decision, I'll advise you of that.
35 minutes of essay time starting when the bell rings.
Quick check when finished or at 35 minute mark
2-3 peer edits w/in your group & fill out an eval!
HW: Clean draft due Fri.
Note: MC Fri. as well & I'll discuss the Q3 project
Journal Q:
What is evil? Why can anyone fall prey to becoming evil?

synthesize sources related to conformity
compose a synthesis essay
Thursday, 3/12/15
SSR - precis for each of the written pieces in your packet
Review SSR
Video Journal Q
Journal & Objective
Video 2:
Synthesis writing
Use a minimum of three of the five provided sources
The following question is based on the accompanying five sources. This question requires you to synthesize a variety of sources into a coherent, well-written essay. When you synthesize sources you refer to them to develop your position and cite them accurately.

In 2001 The American Scholar published the excerpt from a speech given by Margaret Drabble in which she claimed, "Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts."

In an essay that synthesizes at least three of these sources for support, take a position on Drabble's assertion about conformity.

Source A (Drabble)
Source B (Encina)
Source C (Cherry)
Source D (Zimbardo)
Source E (ABC News)
Journal Q:
Based on the readings & the videos, what are your thoughts regarding people's urge for conformity?

synthesize sources related to conformity
compose a synthesis essay
Monday, 3/16/15
Journal & Objective
Address the other essays; we're just going to leave those.
Review the precis
Good for the most part!
Synthesis writing
Use a minimum of three of the five provided sources
You must finish this in class
Your quotes project is due on 4/1/15
Wednesday, 3/18/15
Journal Q:
What was the best source for proving your point in the synthesis essay?

Objective: TSW
peer edit their synthesis essays in their writing groups
improve their synthesis work
Journal & objective
Synthesis review video
Take Cornell Notes on the video to assist you in your peer editing
Editing in peer groups
Clean drafts due on Friday
Don't forget, quotes project due 4/1!
Friday, 3/20/15
Journal Q:
How do you personally feel about PE and high school athletics?

Objective: TSW
complete six rhetorical precis
prepare to complete a synthesis essay
SSR - precis for sources A-F
You do not have the last three sources because they are multimedia & not provided
Journal & objective
You'll write the essay based on the 6 sources, using at least 3.
Don't forget, quotes project due 4/1!
What was the most compelling article you read for the Sports synthesis essay? Why do you think so? How difficult was this task overall?

Objective: TSW
complete SAT practice exercises and employ test-taking strategies
improve their test-taking abilities
Tuesday, 3/24/15
Journal & objective
Turn in your Sports Synthesis Essay
View SAT prep video from Kaplan
SAT MC practice packet #1 (60 min)
What is the best advice given by the video & why? *take 2 on the video from last week

Objective: TSW
complete SAT practice exercises and employ test-taking strategies
improve their test-taking abilities
Monday, 3/30/15
Journal w/ video & objective
Practice packet #3
SAT essay prompt pre-writing
Finish for HW if needed
We'll correct both MC packets on Thursday (last week & today)
One of the greatest issues in creating a good essay is having strong concrete examples. To prepare for the essay we'll be writing on Wednesday, please create a list of possible examples to draw on relating to
that address
Personal Experience/Observations,
Current Events/History, and

Complete your HW - Dr. Dwarte & Ms. Reid-Brooks are scheduled to visit Wednesday to view the impact of your bootcamp sessions re: writing & we'll be using this for an essay
Quote project also due Wed. (Thurs. would be for Max 60%)
For example, if I were completing this pre-writing for
, I might have a list like this:

Personal Experience/Observations:
Family w/ bf/gf -- Charlie for me, Josh for my sister
Dad & drunk driving
Changing college majors
Mom & constant hair-coloring, redecorating (calamine lotion paint job)
Current Events/History
Hilary Clinton - email issues
Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky, "didn't inhale"
Taliban's misuse of the Koran (tie into Lit w/ A Thous Splend Suns)
Jay Gatsby's lies & where it led him
Enrique Mirabal to Minerva - cheating/other family & letters
Abigail Williams in The Crucible
George telling Lennie the story at his death
Breaking Bad -- what the lies did to Walter's relationship w/ his wife
Divergent -- having to lie to save your own life
Wednesday, 4/1/15
Do now:
Turn in quotes project to tray & take out HW and set it on your desk for a quick check

Objective: TSW
analyze the SAT essay rubric and Writing Resource Sheet
compose a timed SAT style essay

Journal Qs:
What are the key components of any good essay? What are the difficulties of writing an essay under timed conditions?

Note: Journals will be collected tomorrow for Q3 scoring.
Objective: TSW
analyze the SAT essay rubric and Writing Resource Sheet
compose a timed SAT style essay
HW submission/quick check
Journal & objective
Review SAT Rubric
Video that dissects the upper level scores of the rubric (3:48 to end)
Review SAT Writing Resource Sheet
Review HW brainstorming - how does it apply to preparing for the essay?
Review essay prompt
25 minutes to complete essay
Quick check of essay
Peer review essays w/in writing groups - find the good, the bad & the ugly
What was well-done, what can be strengthened, and ugly spelling/grammar issues
Turn in draft essays w/ brainstorming/pre-writing HW stapled to it
Create a list of what was done well vs what needs work (take notes!)
Generate personal, current events/history, and reading/literature/film/television example list for the following topics:
Individuality vs. Conformity,
Honesty vs. Dishonesty, and
Risk, Willingness to Change and Try New Things vs. Remaining the Same/Doing What’s Familiar/Doing What’s Been Done Before
Thursday, 4/2/15
No journal! Please take your journal (and those of missing students) out of the box & place them on the front table

Turn in journals
Correct 2 MC sections
Some folks will need to correct more than one because of missing kiddos!
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