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what might influenced shakespeare to write the tempest?

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Irina Merino

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of what might influenced shakespeare to write the tempest?

It is hard to find specific sources that inspired The Tempest.
Lots of different stories about enchanted islands, shipwrecks, wizards... could have influenced this play.
'Die Schöne Sidea'
Written by Jacob Ayrer, this work tells the story of a prince who is forced to take refuge in the forest with her daughter Sidea. The prince is dedicated to magic and making a devil in his service to capture the son of his enemy.

'Winter Nights'
This novel was published in 1609 by Antonio Eslava, with a narrative style that has been already seen before in Bocaccio. It is said that 'The Tempest' has similarities with the fourth chapter of this work, a story between Nicephorus and Dardano.
Furthermore, there is a theory in which is suggested that Shakespeare and Eslava were both inspired in a Diego Ortúñez de Calahorra's Spanish romance, 'The Mirrour of Princely Deeds and of Knighthood', making their own version from this.
About the characters
The great variety of the sources mentioned is also presented in the names choosen for some characters.
At least three of these names show symbolical or allusive functions

'Of the Caniballes'
This essay, written by Montaigne, influenced Shakespeare to write the setting, the place in which The Tempest story takes place. Not only this play, but also Montaigne's essays influenced Shakespeare in several novels, such as Hamlet or Othello.
what might have influenced shakespeare to write the tempest?
However, it is believed that was Ayrer
who was inspired by British dramas
and that it was not Shakespeare
who was inspired by him.

The name of
(the spirit belonging to Prospero) makes reference to the spirit of the air mentioned in the Old Testament.

The name
is connected with the cannibals that appear in travel books and in the previously mentioned Montaigne's essay.

Finally, from
(Prospero's daughter) is suggested the etymology:
'Admired Miranda!

The names of the other characters, Alonso, Antonio, Gonzalo ... appear in the repertoire of voyages and discoveries 'History of Travaile' written by Robert Eden, from which Shakespeare took many significant details.
As the name of the god-demon Setebos, Caliban's father.
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