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Untitled Prezi

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Aliya E

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Aliya and RosA Justin and Janoskians Yo it's Justin Drew Bieber
and I am a famous singer
My D.O.B 31st of July 1993
My favourite food is tacos and Spaghetti
My favoure colour is RED
My Brothers are Luke and Jai (Twins) and both
curretly in Janoskians
I used to work as a paper boy and get $6.00
an hour My D.O.B 3rd of May 1995
Some of my favourite singers are
Justin Bieber, Jeesie j and Michael Jackson
I absouletly LOVE Lasagne
My Favourite Colour Grey
I am currently taken with
Ariana Grande <3
Im also known as Jai Jaidon Brooks By Aliya and Rosa As you all know my name is Justin Drew Bieber
I am 18 years old and my D.O.B is March 1st 1994
Born in Canada, Standford
Family: Jaxon, Jasmine, Pattie and Jeremy
He became famous because he got found on
Youtube by his manager Scoot Braun (Scooter)
His Ex girlfriend is Selena Gomez
I love my fans and there AWESOME We are the Janoskians and our names are Jai, Beau, Luke, Daniel and James Beau Peter Brooks Luke Anthony Mark Brooks I am in year 12
My favourite Spaghetti bolognaise
My favourite colour is Blue
I also LOVE Shopping
My brothers are Beau and
Jai my Twin! My D.O.B is the 3rd of May 1995 Daniel John Sahyounie Im also known as Skip
My D.O.B is the 31st of October 1994
I am 18 years old
My Favourite food is obviously
My favourite colour is Red James Anothony Yammouni My D.O.B is 27th of July 1996
I go for the might Blues ( Carlton)
some of my favourites are One direction,
Sarah do Bono, Ed Sheren and Faydee
My favourite food is a arabic dish (water Aneb) which in english is Vineleaves.
My favourite colour is BLUE! Janoskians- Set This World on Fire A short film of Justin singing
Call Me Maybe
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