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Whitsunday Women in Business | Digital Marketing Presentation

No description

Tolita Dukes

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Whitsunday Women in Business | Digital Marketing Presentation

Whitsunday Women in Business
Digital Marketing Presentation

Let's get social!
So many platforms, so little time!
What is to love about social media?
What can it do for your business?

For our region, Facebook seems to be to be preferred.

And now...Facebook
How to post correctly, not just the link
Posting as your page not yourself!
Tagging others in your posts
Unsubscribing from other people's posts (personal)
Schedule for success
Hashtag hashtags
Analytics - post at optimum times
Facebook advertising - target your markets
Leverage your contacts - share your post as your business page to your personal page and encourage your friends and contacts to endorse it / share it!
Be consistent, and integrate with your website!
Google+, Twitter
Great for you SEO because Google owns it
Great for sourcing content / communities / circles
FB Audience vs Google+ audience - reactive vs excited!
Integration w Hangouts & YouTube
Google+, Gmail, Youtube, Places, Tools & Analytics = all in the one place!
Wrapping up!
Think about all the information you have access to about your clients now - use it!
Appeal to their demographics.
Be real, remember if you are on social media, it should be social.
There are tools out there to make your life easier - you my have to pay but it will be worth your while!
Leverage off your contacts and

- they already know, like, trust you. Get them to do the endorsing for you - it will be more effective.
Consider business who share your target markets, and see what they are doing to capture the clients attention
What are we talking about?
Thanks for the feedback to Sharon, Deb, Deb & Rowena!
Topics today will include:
Social Media platforms
How to make your posts more effective
Tying them all together from one location online
Making your life easier in terms of sourcing content
Analytics - Google, Facebook + more!
And remember...
Lets talk about the others key platforms first...
News channel
Great source of content - most recent up to date info
Look at those who you admire and see who they follow
Twitter analytics, another platform (Tweriod)
Industry bodies
Australian Communications & Media Authority

The ACMA is
responsible for the enforcement of the Spam Act 2003 (the Spam Act) and accepts complaints, reports and enquiries about spam from the Australian public
. This process is managed by the Anti-spam Team (AST).

Complaints can be submitted to the ACMA by the completion of an online form, specifically tailored to whether the complaint is about an electronic message sent by email, SMS or MMS, or instant message, as covered by the Spam Act.

Spam email can be reported to the ACMA by forwarding the message by email to report@submit.spam.acma.gov.au. Spam SMS can be reported by forwarding the message to 0429 999 888.
Google - free!
Set up automatic reports to send through to your site
Behaviour - how are your visitors perusing your site?
What is the bounce rate?
Location - where are your visitors from? Local as a result of a recent campaign?
Why would you need to know what browser they are viewing your website on?
And what about the mobile?
Don't forget about GOOGLE Webmaster tools... also insightful and FREE!
So, how do you
get attention?
Ask me, that's my job! :)
For social..
1. Keep it short!
2. Images - Emotive, phrases sayings etc... Rework them, brand them,
own them!
3. Provide value
For everything else - do something different!
What is the right mix?
30% = Promote yourself
30% = Promote others
30% = Provide value!
10% = Fluff! (Inspirational)
Look at everything as an opportunity! Brand brand brand - be subtle, but BRAND!
Tie them all together!
Hoot hoot!
Don't forget tho - you don't own it!
How often should you post?
Linkedin - once daily
Facebook - once to twice
Twitter - pending analytics
Mailchimp - once weekly - unless... :)
On another note how often should you update your website?
Thank you!

How do you measure impact?
Likes / Followers
Post Actions (encourage this!)
People talking about this
Leads to website (Google Analytics)
Twitter: Re tweets
YouTube: Subscribers, views
Pinterest: Re pins, followers
Google+: Followers

Don't forget about your
- number of visits from where / source etc, what they are looking at and so much more.

Set your targets for upcoming months
How many likes would you like to gain each month? And how are you going to get them?
What other metrics could you use?
Your ideal client is still ideal, they are now also online.
Where to start?
And what about LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest?
What about them? They provide great content!
content? Don't stress!
Do you get:
Watch the news?
Like sport?
Have a Google+ account?

There are so many ways you can source content - offer value, if you laughed others prob will too!

(Love G+ & Pinterest for this!)

And there are also websites/apps which also
generate content ideas!
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