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FORCE 2016 (Spring) Prezi

No description

Dan Moore

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of FORCE 2016 (Spring) Prezi

Southwestern Advantage
Corporate Headquarters in Nashville, TN
The summer program will interview over 20,000 students from over 300 campuses, to select ~2,500 interns every summer.
Be Your Own Boss...
First year students profit $8,705 on average.
Build a resume that sets yourself
apart with real world experience.
Opportunity to travel the world for work and play.
College Credit
Earn 3 hours of college credit for
completing the summer program.
Challenge & Growth
Make a difference in the community, while experiencing unparalleled personal growth.
& Sales Skills
Learn what sales really is...you discover that sales is not convincing people but rather
finding a need and providing a service.
The Southwestern Advantage Study System
What About the Training?

Why We Are So Selective
3 Main Challenges
The internship program gives students
the experience of running a business. Students provide families and teachers with industry leading educational resources and supplements.
Week long training
program in Nashville, TN
Network, train, and compete with
students from other universities.
Host families house students and their roommates for the summer
6 volume school reference for homework, tests, and quizzes
Online learning sites provide additional help with thousands of streaming videos
Over 40 subjects of additional learning resources
26 volume children's library complimented by DVD software
Interactive software titles for kids Pre-K through high school graduation
Web-based children's program that teaches with live action videos and songs
You are paid 40% profit on your sales
Blake Sutphen

Hearing "No" can be frustrating
at first.
What We Are Looking For...
Thoughts from Alumni...
Founded in 1855; college program in 1868

& Experience


College Credit

Communication &
Sales Skills

Stand Out From Your Peers...
Sales School
Weeklong in-depth training in Nashville teaching you how to run a business.
Training Meetings
Personal training sessions and campus meetings and activities during the spring.
On the Field Training
Four weeks of on-the-job training: shadowing, coaching calls, and weekend seminars.
Annie Fitzsimmons
Delaney McFadden
Mitch Johnson
Brenna McFadden
The Schedule...

Working that
much is not
for everyone.
Being away from home and doing something
new can be uncomfortable...
Southwestern Advantage will interview over 20,000 students from over 300 campuses, to select ~2,500 interns every summer.
Looking for adventure and
new experiences
Willingness to:

- Work Hard
- Study Hard
- Be Coachable
Maturity / Independence
Vision for
Future Goals
Desire to
Help Others
Exchange program with other
schools across the U.S. & Canada
Incentive & Management Trips
And..."Share the Advantage" service projects
School District
See People in Homes
Laid Back
Each student receives a school district & lives with a nearby host family with roommates.

Students learn a system of referrals and recommendations to visit families in their homes.
No pressure approach

Business structure has been proven through 158 years
of experience.
We sell
great products.
...and residuals during the school year.
Made $7,992 last summer
From St Louis, MO
Business Major
University of MO - Columbia
Made $14,373 last summer
From Jefferson, SD
Marketing Major
Creighton University
Made $11,294 first summer
From Kearney, NE
English Major
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Made $10,893 first summer
From Grand Island, NE
Marketing Major
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Made $10,663 first summer
From Kearney, NE
Advertising Major
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Danny Gamboa
Made $9,492 first summer
From Grand Island, NE
Business Major
University of NE-Lincoln
Kelsey Kilpatrick
Made $10,637 first summer
From McCook, NE
Journalism Major
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
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