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liam barry

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Kodak

60 MINUTES KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Products/Services Consumer Products include:
Digital cameras, video cameras, printers, inks, single use cameras, digital frames and camera accessories. Other products and services include:
Support for businesses, surveillance, data recording products, circuit boards and aerial imaging products. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Brand Elements “You press the button, we do the rest” “Share moments, share life” Kodak’s URL: www.kodak.com Logo/Symbol: clearly shows the brand name using the company’s signature colours, red and yellow. The most recent logo was simply ‘KODAK’ in red. Brand name: simple, recognizable, memorable and unique, however no direct link to the type of product. Egalitarian approach – making photography available to everyone. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK– Brand Recommendations Lack of innovation

Hesitance towards new technologies and opportunities


Bankruptcy KODAK Brand associations KODAK – Medical imaging associations Through Kodak’s state of the art information and imaging, medical imaging has advanced Provided helpful assistance to athletes in the 2004 Athens Olympics KODAK Brand Audit KODAK - Strengths
Century-long experience in the photography business.

Highly valuable brand equity.

Household brand name.

Strong distribution channels.

International presence. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Opportunities

Growth prospects in the
Asia-Pacific region.
Emerging online markets.
Rise in demand for digital cameras. KODAK – Threats Film industry is being replaced with digital alternatives.
New entrants saturating the industry along with the many well-established competitors.
Aggressive price competition.
Rapid technological progression. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK - History Founded in Rochester NY in 1888 by George Eastman,
who stipulated:

“The brand’s name must be short, sharp and impossible to be confused…."

KODAK revolutionized photo taking, making it seamlessly

KODAK’s growth and market share increased through the 1900’s. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Positioning KODAK Brand associations KODAK – Corporate/Sponsorship associations Sponsored NASCAR for 22 years (1986-2008) Sponsored PGA golf until bankruptcy (2008-2011) “Sponsorship changed- Aiming to realign KODAK's sponsorship endeavour to focus on electronic imaging and efforts to make Kodak more digital” KODAK Brand associations KODAK – Camera>>Printers movement associations Cameras
”Easy Share”
In the late90s/early 00s where seen as pioneers in the digital camera field
Failed to keep up in camera market through matching competitors in innovation. Printers
Focusing on B2B selling of ink-jet printers
Kodak has now focused its attention on the ink-jet printing field
Abandoning its past of the specialist in film and digital camera’s
Could be perceived as the end of the “Kodak moment” KODAK Brand Audit KODAK - Weaknesses Sluggish financial performance.
Inability to translate innovation into marketable products.
Company culture hindering strategic changes. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK - History Manufacturing operations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, and Kodak products are available in virtually every country.

From 1997 onwards KODAK shares fell due to a failure to adapt quickly enough to the shift in digital imaging.

KODAK filed for bankruptcy January 2012. KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Distribution KODAK uses vast physical retail and distribution networks as well as specialists shops and online stores to reach end consumers.

KODAK’s Intellectual property and patents are used by a multitude of
other companies in their product

Globally available KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Competitors KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Brand Awareness Vast consumer awareness
and recognition

Utilizing social media KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Brand Awareness
Leverage current awareness

Become more relevant KODAK Brand associations KODAK –Possible Future Associations
End of the “Kodak moment”? Moving away from Digital cameras to printers? = Negative association due to this as well as bankruptcy? KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Brand Awareness Awareness through association

Utilizing Pitbull’s popularity KODAK Brand Audit KODAK – Brand Awareness The ‘Kodak Moment’ KODAK Brand associations KODAK – Film associations ”Right film for every occasional” which makes “every picture a memory.

High perception of quality in film
Associations of the line “capturing the moments” gives the association of sharp, clear film quality KODAK – Brand Valuation At its peak in 1996 the KODAK brand was ranked 5th in the world (Interbrand 1996) its revenues were $16 billion, its share price exceeded US $90, and the company was valued at over $31 billion.

KODAK fell from 5th to 82nd in 2007 with a brand valuation in $m of 3,874 (Interbrand, 2007).

Unprofitable from 2007.

Filed for Bankruptcy having declared $6.8 billion in debt and $5.1 billion in assets. KODAK Brand Audit Pitbull KODAK Brand Audit KODAK Advertisement KODAK Brand Audit KODAK Advertisement KODAK Brand Audit Social Media Awareness
Facebook KODAK Brand Audit Social Media Awareness
Twitter KODAK Brand Audit KODAK Advertisement KODAK Brand Audit Social Media Awareness
Youtube KODAK Brand Audit KODAK Advertisement KODAK Brand Audit KODAK Advertisement Thank You

Questions? KODAK – Recommendations Dan Adams - Business Consultant 41468392 KODAK – Brand Inventory Liam Barry - Product Analyst (Presenter) 41468392 KODAK – Brand Awareness Isy Veil – 42247276 Market Analyst KODAK – Brand Associations Eric Burke - Senior brand Manager 42117070 KODAK – SWOT ANALYSIS Marie Fox – Executive Strategy Director 42515270 4 Principles of KODAK
1) Mass production at low cost
2) International distribution
3) Extensive advertising
4) A focus on the customer

Connecting people through the
sharing of photos.
Consumer brand perceptions:
Fun, connected, innovative and
of high quality.
Trustworthy, household brand, which has
been used for years by consumers (Kodak, 2010). 1932 2007 1958 1976 1996 KODAK Global Market Share 84% - Uncontested market space allowed
for an average market share of 68%
(snapshot market), 86% (film market),
89% (colour photographic paper market). - 90% film sales
and 85%
camera sales. 66% 1% KODAK Brand Audit Brand Audit – KODAK Liam Barry 41468392 Brand Analyst
Isy Veil 42247276 Market Analyst
Eric Burke 42117070 Senior Brand Manager
Marie Fox 42515270 Executive Strategy Director
Dan Adams 41468392 Business Consultant
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