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Intermediate Custom Reports

No description

Rick France

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Intermediate Custom Reports

Form Letters, Labels, and More
What does it take?
5 Easy Steps!

Create a PDF copy of blank letter or form
Create Custom Report
Upload Letter or Form
Edit the Layout
Enjoy the Data!
Final Steps
Once the report and form letter are complete, upload the form letter under the menu Form Letter>Add
Select Form Letter>Edit Layout to Place Fields
Select Form Letter>Download to populate individual letters for students.
Why use Forms and Labels
Intermediate Custom Reports
Missing Data?
If you need data in the system, you will need to add it via Summary Assessments.

You can do so either in batch with a .csv or enter using the User Interface!
Helpful Links
If you need a refresher or just love demos!

http://goo.gl/pkXE22 - Step By Step Video

http://goo.gl/TLfwsq - Help Docs

https://goo.gl/k2k8It -
Custom Report Quick Guide

The Nitty Gritty!
Your Presenter
Rick France


Customize Communications
Distribute to Many Users
Mass Create for Multiple Students or Just 1!
Quicker than Mail Merge!
Ideas and Examples!!
Create the Form Using Your Favorite Publisher!
Create a Custom Report and the Form Letter or Document

Depending on your style, it can help to create the form first or the report first.

Feedback and Questions

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