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Banning Child Beauty Pageants

This presentation will show why child beauty pageants should be ban and why.

Melanie Gomez

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Banning Child Beauty Pageants

Banning Child Beauty Pageants Thesis Child Beauty pageants should be ban because they put pressure on the children, force them to grow up too fast, and at times lead children to lose sight of what inner beauty is. While some argue that pageants help children gain confidence, pageants are seen as children losing their innocence. to show how beauty pageants for children affect their innocence as a child and their individuality. Also showing how it gets children involved in more “adult” activities
Parents, teenagers, and grandparents Purpose/ Audience Helps in bringing up funds for charity. Many people believe pageants give children self-esteem and confidence. Counterargument Ethos LOGOS We will be using logos by using inductive reasoning. We will begin with the problem that beauty pageants need to be ban, and then proceed to explain why we feel that way. Pathos We will use pathos by relating the children to the audience. Making them think as if they were the child and feel the way the child would feel. To put themselves into the situation. We will use ethos by gathering information from credible sources such as CNN, to show how these pageants are filling the minds of these girls with negative misconceptions such as smoking being okay, along with other immoral actions
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