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Common Goals Initiative

No description

Kentucky Greeks

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Common Goals Initiative

Information Sharing and Resources for Students
Other General Observations
We need to determine what outside influences, social norms, and other potential factors are impacting our community - good or bad.
Summary Report
Growth Guiders summary report provided information about the content of the curriculum, issues identified during the program, and suggestions for areas the community can focus on for moving forward. All of this information can be consolidated into three primary themes:
Common Goals Initiative
Expectations for the Community
Needs and tasks for continued discussion:
What resources do chapters need?
What format is the best way to communicate with chapters?
How do we encouraged chapters to share with FSA Staff & Advisors when there are issues?
Needs and tasks for continued discussion:
What is our definition of success?
What does accountability look like between chapters?
What can we do together that helps everyone?
Community-wide Advisory Board to work on shared support and guidance for chapters, councils, and the fraternal experience.
Support of students as they work to advocate for their experience and needs.
Growth of resources, structure, and organization that empower student-led change and improvement.
Needs and tasks for continued discussion:
How can advisors engage with one another to discuss common challenges and successes?
What are our goals for change?
What is our shared mission that everyone can support?
The process should be structured by the Fraternity & Sorority Affairs staff, and the details determined and led by students and advisors.
Current Plans
OrgSync Portal
Complete report on OrgSync
Student Government & Council Leaders discussing forum with upper level administrators
Advisory Council meeting this week
Trainings and workshops on OrgSync and other resources in the works
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