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No description

Ben Smeagol

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of ABBAJ

Moon of the planet Saturn
180% the mass of the moon, 150% the Moon’s diameter
Atmosphere is 98% Nitrogen, 1% Methane, <1% other hydrocarbon gases
Has liquid hydrocarbon lakes more than 4 metres deep
Titan has a temperature of −179.5C
Abbaj lives in the Chusuk Planitia on Titan. He lives off of the hydrocarbon lakes nearby. He has a mouth located in the middle of his body on the bottom. This allows him to simply float over the water and drink due to his super low density. He sees by using his eyes which connect to his mind through psychic forces, and float over the ground with the power of the force. The looseness of their eyes allows them to have full 360 degree vision.
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