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the 1800's vs. today

No description

Lauren Pasta

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of the 1800's vs. today

The 1800's vs. Today In the 1800's, the girls wore
long puffy dresses, many layers, and bonnets. Boys wore shirts, overcoats, waistcoats, and boots. Today, girls wear jeans, tanktops, skirts, shorts, flipflops, blousses, etc. Guys wear gymshoes, t-shirts, baggy shorts, sweatshirts, etc. Housing in the 1800's
was terrifying. There was
small wooden cabins, only
a few rooms, a kitchen, and
an outdoor bathroom. Today,
housing is a lot different. We
have air conditioning, many
bathrooms inside, bigger kitchens,
living rooms with t.v.'s, many
bedrooms and other rooms, etc. Most people in the 1800's were blacksmithes, farmers, teachers, and/or craftsmen. Today people have jobs at stores, federal jobs, and basically every other job there is. Schools back in the 1800's were small.
wooden, one-roomed buildings. Also every grade level went to the same school. Today we have large buildings, with many rooms, and different schools for every few grades. Most traveled in the 1800's
rail, omnibus, and the more
poor people traveled by
horsedrawn carriges. Today,
most people travel by car or
other public transportation
like buses or trains. Some
people travel by bicycles or
even walking. In the 1800's, streets were mainly
dirt or stoned roads. Sometimes
even mud roads. Today we have
pavement roads made up of cement,
tar, and asphalt. Some of them are
really smooth, or really bumpy. Food in the 1800's didn't have
much variety. They mainly ate
meals of corn, meat, and bread.
Sometimes porridge and poultry.
Today we have many different
varieties. There is way to many
foods to name because of all of
the fat, calories, and many other things. But there is a lot of other healthy foods too. Medicine & hospitals back
in the 1800's weren't as
good as they are today.
They used herbs and their
own homemade remedies.
Today, there are many different
kinds of medicine for many
different kinds of diseases and
sicknesses. There is also enough
for everyone. In the 1800's they had shillings, farthings, sixpences, threepences, half pennies
and half crowns. Today, we have dollars, quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies. They had trains & bikes for
convenienceswhich made it
easier to transport goods,
trade, & to travel faster.
Today, we have light bulbs, we
have cooking and cleaning
appliances, and lots more. In the 1800's, they
used mainly lanterns
and candles. Now, we
use lightbulbs, ecobulbs,
flashlights, etc. Laundry in the 1800's
is nothing like it is today.
Back then they used a closed
tub with wooden panels.
Today we have washing
machines and driers to wash
and dry our clothes. Language in the 1800's was proper English. A lot of people spoke with full sentences and wide vocabulary. Today, we speak slang such as "what's up?" and "hey". Ragtime music from the 1800's. Music today
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