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Breaking Dawn

The last adventure of Bella. Breaking dawn

Nathalia De Leon

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of Breaking Dawn

My Book Report About this book…
Type of book Breaking dawn
By Stephenie Meyer
1st edition (August 2, 2008)
This book has a little bit of everything:
And most of it... Love! Twilight Saga:
New Moon
And Breaking Dawn....
Bella a normal teenager had a non-normal boyfriend, Edward, who was a vampire. In the previous books they’ve been through lots of risks, enemies and broken hearts.
But now Breaking Dawn is the definitely one, the book that is going to put a full stop in the story.... or perhaps you can imagine the rest. After all the hard desicions she made, she wouldn't have to give much think about saying "yes" to Edward.
Her life was going to change, more than it normally did.
She wanted to discover a whole new world, mysterious but attractive at the same time, in one word: "inexplicable". And she was going to discover it next to her soul mate. In her perspective, all the things were going to be different.
Her family, her friends, even her way of thinking and loving.
It is a story that reminds us that happy endings really exist. By Nathalia De León F
Eleventh A. In the path of learning she noticed some things she wouldn't have as a human and she could have as a vampire, and viceversa.
She could be giving up to a big treassure and changing it for the biggest gifts.
All that matters will be love. Opinions:
I agree with the fact of being next to the person you love for the rest of your life.
But I desagree if it involves changing the way of life hurting me or keeping me away from my family. Theme:
Don't let anyone keep you away from reaching your dreams. How did the book affeted me?
It kept me thinking for a few days "how would it be if I was a vamipire"
And I guess, if that's the only thing it made me feel, maybe it wasn't as stunning as other books I've read, books that changed my point of view or the story is alive in my mind. The book was entertaining but didn't reach all my expectatives. I wanted more action and intensive love
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