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Growth Coordinator Role

No description

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Growth Coordinator Role

Key Ideas for
We need to work together at:
finding ideal prospective members
keeping an inviting mindset
having great meetings & events
making a positive profitable chapter

Our individual efforts add up. Together we can accomplish great things for our fellow members, our businesses and our chapter.

Growth Coordinator Role
Open Categories
We're looking for complementary professionals who will help us serve our customers better.
New Members
Lift Up The Group
Open doors for fellow members
Actively network
Attract quality referrals
Kind, friendly, & thoughtful to others
Growth Coordinators
ensure we're doing the
right things to attract
and keep great members
Growth Coordinators Plan Events
Visitor Days
Stack Days
Growth Game
What does a Growth Coordinator do?
Growth coordinators play an important role in the chapter. They help organize ideas, activities, and events to find quality members for our chapter.
The ideal member already follows
The BNI Code of Ethics
Provides quality services at the prices quoted.

Truthful with peers and their clients.

Builds goodwill and trust among people and their customers.

Takes responsibility for following up on referrals

Lives up to the ethical standards of their profession.*

Displays a positive and supportive attitude with BNI members.
October Goals
We're planning to have 2 stack days in October to fill 4 categories within our chapter. Our goal is to invite people who hold this profession.

October 15th Property & Casualty Insurance
Mortgage Brokers

October 22nd Financial Advisors
Commercial Real Estate

We want to be at 20 members by the end of October.

Top Categories for Power Teams

Plumber, Roofer, & Home Builder
Real Estate:
Home Inspector, Home Security, & Title Company
CPA, Book Keeper, & Commercial Banking
Business Services:
Business Attorney & Business Coach
Graphic Designer, Sales Trainer, & Printer
Information Systems:
Software Developer
The Ideal Member
The ideal member is an positive, persistent, problem-solver. He/She adds value to the group and to a power team.

We want
more women
in our chapter to have an
even male female ratio.
Key Ideas for Growth
Inviting Mindset
Formula For Adding New Members
Chapter Attraction List
Always be inviting people to attend our
Inviting Mindset
See handout
Formula for Adding
New Members
Chapter Attraction Checklist
Growth Coordinators
and Visitors Hosts are partners in crime
Your mission should you choose
to accept is to plan your first
visitor day 6 weeks from today.
Ideas for Growing the Chapter
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