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Analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Valentine"

How does the Content, Structure and Language of the poem come across?

Bryony Charleson

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Valentine"

By Iman and Bryony Analysis on Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Valentine" Hope you enjoy our presentation! We are going to go into depths about how the content, Structure and Language is represented in Carol's poem "Valentine". "Valentine" is a very controversial poem about love. It portrays her experiences of love, and her point of view on love. Content It is made clear from the beginning that the poem is centered around the main key symbol: an onion.

The onion is brought up in each stanza, 'It will blind you with tears', and 'Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips'. 'Not a red rose or satin heart'. Carol Ann Duffy conveys that love is not always simple nor always pleasant. 'Not a cute card or kissogram'. The audience have to dig deep to get to what the poem really means.

The purpose of this poem is to change the stereotypical idea of love, relationship and what one has to act with another. Duffy has used this poem to describe a relationship or her personal relationship and how one another represents their love they share or shared.
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