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carl stevenson

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of iceland

Iceland coat of arms Flag Iceland food
Iceland map History
Ingolfur Arnason fled from Norway, and his followers settled in Iceland about A.D. 870. Other settlers from Norway and from Viking colonies in the British Isles helped the population of Iceland reach about 25,000 in the next 60 years. In A.D. 930, the settlers set up Althing, the world's first parliament. Among the early settlers was Eric the Red, who lived in Iceland for several years before he sailed off to Greenland in A.D. 982.

The 1100's and 1200's were Iceland's golden age of literature. During this time Snorri Sturluson, a poet and historian, put into writing some of Iceland's greatest sagas and eddas.

Iceland's climate Part of the Gulf Stream flows around the southern coasts and some of the northern coast, warming the lowlands and making the ports with no ice all year long. Summers are not hot, and winters are cool. In Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, the regular temperature is 52 degrees in July and 30 degrees in January. Iceland gets about 30 inches of rain each year.
Government Iceland's government is a democracy led by a president elected every four years. You must be 18 years old to vote. The cabinet officers, led by the prime minister, administer the following areas: agriculture, foreign affairs, justice, fisheries and communications, education, health and social security, trade and commerce, finance, energy and industry. The Parliament, or Althing, has 63 people and is made up of an Upper House and a Lower House. The political parties are the Progressive, Social Democrat, Independence, Citizens, Women's Alliance, Peoples Alliance, and the Association for Social Justice and Equality.
Iceland's Culture is influenced both by its geography as well by its history. Iceland's position on the planet is much responsible for the development of its people and they are proud and strong individuals. The History and Culture of Iceland dates back to the 9thand 10th century when the Norsemen mainly came from Norway and some parts of Scandinavia. The Celtic influence is quite prominent in Icelanders because some migrated from the British Isles. Iceland has a plethora of culture and it’s quite visible during its annual events and local shows.

Iceland's Culture has a huge dimension that ranges from Paintings, Literature, Manuscript illuminations, Woodcarvings to Folk music. Reykjavik boosts of its opera house, ballet company and symphony orchestra where various popular national and International events take place regularly and religiously.

The History and Culture of Iceland is praiseworthy because the Icelanders are very hard working and they are mostly literate. Value is given to education and most of the majority of Icelanders have dual job to support their luxurious lifestyles. Women are very independent and 90% of Icelanders women have job outside the home. Icelanders really work hard and can maintain the lavish lifestyle. Icelanders generally respond slowly to date and they do not take it personally. The people of Iceland are the direct descendant’s of Viking's and they are proud of it and are very sentimental about their values and cultures. Culture of Island is as influential as its people.

Historically Iceland's Culture and the quality of peoples are mainly responsible for the development of Iceland and all this rare combination makes Iceland an exotic and awesome place to visit again and again.
Iceland's Culture
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