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Inca Crime and Punishment

Comparisons between then and now.

Abby Morrow

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Inca Crime and Punishment

Abby Morrow and Haley Johns CSI: Inca Version Disrespecting
Murder Survival of the Fittest Classified as criminal
Cared for
Job became to tell about crime
Forced into job for rest of life
No one went homeless, quite successful The Begging Bowls - Inca Style Homeless in USA Side of street
Soup kitchens
NOT job
Not always punishment Harsh and Cruel: The Inca Ways Laziness
Insulting gods/Inca ways
-Throwing off cliff
Stealing or cheating
-Hands and/or feet cut off
-Tied to a wall and left to freeze USA: Cruel or Reasonable? Committing Crimes as an Incan How were crime and punishment different then and now? Job was to tell stories
"Begging Bowls"
Listeners gave small items Which one was more effective? "ama suwa, ama llulla, ama quella” Bibliography "Out of many,one" THEN AND NOW The Differences Laws vs. Bonds

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