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EuroArab II - European Students Forum AEGEE-Kraków; AEGEE-Europe

No description

Sandra Oborska

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of EuroArab II - European Students Forum AEGEE-Kraków; AEGEE-Europe

European Students Forum AEGEE-Kraków biggest interdisciplinary
students organization in Europe
founded in 1985
non-govermental, non-profit, secular AEGEE - Association des Etats
Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe 1 Europe
40 countries
200 locals
13 000 members Our main aims: Promoting a unified Europe without prejudices,
Striving for creating an open and tolerant society
of today and tomorrow,
Fostering democracy, human rights, tolerance,
cross border cooperation, mobility and European
dimension in education European Level: AEGEE-Europe Statutory Events Agora EBM AEGEE-Kraków:
since 1991
Jagiellonian University
over 100 members
20 projects per year PROM -
Polish Council of Youth Organizations influence on youth policy
promoting youth participation
striving for stronger cooperation between youth NGO's
lobbying AEGEE-Spirit Thank you for your attention! Sandra Oborska European Level NO National Level Local Level AEGEE-Kraków
in 2012 AEGEE-Kraków
in 2012 Working Groups Projects Events PR
IT/Media EuroArab CST - Media & Culture
EuroArab CST II - Democracy
EuroArab Youth Forum in Alexandria
2x Cultural Nights: Angola & Marocco
CSR Festival
4x Local Training Courses
PR Camp
Exchange with AEGEE-Poznan
Summer University Kraków-Lviv
AEGEE-Kraków Integrational weekend
AEGEE Network Meeting
Series of workshops on public speaking
Let's Get Better
Language conversations EBM-Izmir, Turkey
Network Meeting - Torun, Poland
EuroArab Youth Forum - Alexandria, Egypt
Agora-Enschede, Netherlands
Live&Act Festival, Poland
YiA Exchange in Sardinia, Italy
Agora-Budapest, Hungary AEGEE-Kraków plans for 2013 Working Groups PR
IT/Media Planned Projects for 2013: Events: II edition of the CSR Festival
II edition of series of workshops on public speaking
European youth exchange on Human Rights
4x Local Training Courses
Policy Officer Consultation Conference of AEGEE-Europe
National Action Day - Marrow Donor
EuroArab Youth Forum II in Budapest, Hungary
Summer University Kraków - Berlin
Enterpreneurship School
Let's Get Better
Model United Nations
Cultural Evenings
Eastern partnership Project of AEGEE-Europe EBM-Valetta, Malta
Agora-Rhein-Neckar, Germany
EuroArab Youth Forum II - Budapest, Hungary
YiA youth exchange on migration - Budapest, Hungary
YiA youth exchange on eurosceptism - Durham, UK
YiA youth exchange in Zakopane, Poland
Agora-Saragossa, Spain Erasmus

YES Europe! Cooperation of youth
from conflict areas
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