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Counseling Program Presentation

No description

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Counseling Program Presentation

Mission Statement
Career Theories
Donald Super Theory- expresses career behavior over a life span.

Trait Factor Theory-Trait as an operational characteristic of individuals and Factor is described as a characteristic necessary for successful job performance.
Assessment Tool for Clients
Holland Code, MAPP Test, Jung Typology Test (Based on Myers' Briggs)
Recreational Center for Leadership Performing Arts and Academic Advancement
Develop, Reenforce, Employ and Motivate
To encourage African-Americans to achieve academically, financially, and socially (college both undergraduate and Masters level and post secondary such as trade school and GED programs.
By: Terry Johnson Jr.
Tyvaughn Kirby Johnson
Kennea Otoo
Darcell Whitaker
Devonte Porteous

Promote leadership and academic excellence through counseling opportunities in hopes to achieve in ones preferred career; while encouraging the youth to acheive in their prospective interest.
Target Population
Underprivileged adolescents to young adults trying to achieve in life academically ,financially and socially.
Licensure & Accreditation
Masters in Professional Counseling , Special Training
Funding and Fees for Services
DREAM will be funded by public grants by the state of Virginia and donations. The cost and fees are free because we are a non profit organization
Niles, Spencer G, and Harris-Bowlsbey, JoAnn (2013). Career Development Interventions

Robert J. Sternberg. Career paths in psychology : Where your degree can take you. Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, 2007.

Mitchell J. Prinstein The portable mentor : expert guide to a successful career (2003).
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