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No description

Mona Jaber

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of Autism

Understanding Autism
Monitor your child’s development
Take action if you’re concerned
Don’t accept a wait-and-see response
Trust your instincts

Detection by Mothers
Family history
Other disorders
Predisposing Factors
It's a mental condition
Present from early childhood
Characterized by great difficulty in communicating
What is Autism?
Stories About Children With Autism
Raise Awareness
Empower Autistics by moral support
Encourage the integration of autistic and mainstream children
Conduct workshops for lifestyle improvements

Our Roles!
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music - Nietzsche”
Art & Medicine
Summer 2014
Group B
Mona Jaber U00023581
Sadaf Ahmad U00022261
Siham Al Ramahi U00032438
Zohour Anouassi U00026531

Thank you for listening!
Any questions?
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