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Marketing - The LL Marketing Pioneer

No description

See Siong Liu

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing - The LL Marketing Pioneer

The LL Marketing Pioneer Marketing Coke
LA Ice Beverages
Product Offering
Communicatiom & Consumer Behaviour
New Product Development
Conclusion Content Product Offering
(Core + Expected Product) Coke, Pepsi and LA Ice all offer refreshment.

Tasty and certain level of quality Coke
Top beverage in the world
Brand loyalty - high
Logo recognised globally
Branding Strategy - family oriented Brand Image Main competitors of Coke
Ranked the 2nd beverage brand in the world
Branding Strategy - target individual, mainly young target audience with attractive bottling. Pepsi Relatively new and considered a laggard product
Branding - weak in comparison to Coke and Pepsi
Successfully established its brand within Australia, however not renown globally. LA Ice Coke Positioning Pepsi
Environmental Friendly LA Ice Family oriented
Part of consumers' daily lives Focuses on individual
The post-sports drink Communication Coke launched a campaign via Facebook.
Its aim is to engage people to participate in making the world a happier place.

http://apps.facebook.com/coca-cola-sharing/ Through their packaging
- Skinny can of Diet Pepsi target low calories seeker.
Targeting emotional aspect
- soccer fans by engaging soccer stars. Pepsi Advertise through
- Brochure.
- Sponsored major Television shows such as Buffy and Popstars.

Information not readily available to consumers for purchasing decision. LA Ice New Product Development Current production line:
Diet Coke
Vanilla Coke
Diet Vanilla Coke New Product Development Current Production Line:
Pepsi Twist
Diet Pepsi
Pepsi Max Pepsi Current production LA Ice Cola and LA Maxi Ice Cola
Previously they produce Diet LA Ice Diet and LA Café Ice, now discontinued line. LA Ice Data obtained from market research at Taylors College Recommendation Recommendation - Promotion Make LA Ice readily available - Convenient Stores
Sell its product in 1 can instead of 1/2 a dozen. Recommendation - Place & Convenient Advertising through the internet
- Improvement to be made on its web page.
- More information available online.
- Promote LA Ice brand effectively
Public signage
- Public transport
- Bus stops
- Billboards
The newspaper
- Major metropoilitan daily and weekend
Sponsor charity events or celebrity concerts Coke launched its ‘Open Happiness Campaign’
target the needs and wants of people. Communication and Consumer Behaviour The most recent production is Coke Zero. Most recent production includes Pepsi Next. Coke Marketing Survey LA Ice should follow the example of the 2 leading beverage brand in Coke and Pepsi

Build up its brand image and instill awareness among consumers. Recommendation - Brand Image Conclusion Putting forward this recommendation, perhaps LA Ice would experience positive growth.

Go grab a LA Ice. THANK YOU! Is it your first time tasting LA Ice?
Yes – 11 people
No – 2 people
Will you give LA Ice a try again?
Yes – 3 people (generally: similar taste to Coke)
No – 8 people (generally: too sweet)
For a 1.5L bottle, if LA Ice is selling at $1, Pepsi sells at $1.80 and Coke sells at $2, which will you buy and why?
LA Ice – 3 people (Because of Price)
Pepsi – 2 people (Fan of Pepsi)
Coke – 8 people (Coke is considered the best by most)
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