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Stellar Earth Energy - 1

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Stellar Earth Energy - 1




Public Education

Public demand / interest in environmentally friendly options

Cottages/Barns/Outlying areas
Triggering Events create a need for your products or services.
Unlocking Ad Potential
Why Radio?
Wherever You Are...
Radio is There With You!
In the car, at home, and at work!

Radio is always accessible.
Streaming online and on your mobile phone.
Radio drives your message home, reaching your customers throughout the day.
It's Effective & Personal
Your potential customers spend more time with radio and online than any other type of local media

92% of adults listen to radio an average of 19+ hours per week

Our Radio Stations & Online have a personal and local connection with our audience
It's Sound
Radio is sound - intrusive, irresistible sound - It makes electronic media the long distance runner of advertising.

Broadcast wins the hearts of customers before they're in the market for your product.

Sound is memorable (and persuasive). Consider music and all those songs you know the lyrics to without ever intentionally learning them.
Position Stellar Earth Energy as the trusted, reliable, solar energy solutions.

Emphasize advantage of using
Stellar Earth Energy.

Maintain top-of-mind awareness
Marketing Strategy
How Consumers Spend Their Media Time
Market Research
There are approximately 8,815 households in Portage and RM.
How to Advertise
A Sound Partnership!
To be known before you are needed. People respond to needs, not ads.
It's what you do when you can't see someone in person.
Why Online?
Lack of understanding
Easier traditional sources
Grants/Cost sharing
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