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Dove 2

Dove presentation for Dr. M. Tharpe's Multicultural Marketing

Jesus Flores

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Dove 2

Campaign for Real Men
Alex Veliz
Ariel Rhodes
Brenda Delgadillo
Jasmine Smith
Jesus Flores
Joanne Mata
Vera Shamanina Hasley
Outline 1) SWOT
2) Popular men’s grooming products
3) Latinos
4) Generation Y
5) Campaign Goal
6) Specific Strategies
7) Conclusion
Men’s Thoughts & Preferences Dove: First Thought

Heard of Dove Care+Men?

Top Grooming Products What do you not like about your product?

Do you enjoy grooming rituals?
Does not last Yes, “makes me feel FRESH!” Soap & Smooth, too “girly”

No: 64% Why Dove Men + Care will be a success -7 years ago Dove was just a family/soap shower gel brand
-Dove has 3 main important directions
1)Strong Identity
2)An emotional relationship with its customers
3)A complete offer
-Dove is still recognized as a family brand
-Still a personal hygiene brand
-Dove has made women feel less self-conscious
* Learn from past examples- Campaign for Real Men
* What is it that captures our target’s interest?
* Doesn’t last? We’ll last longer!
Objectives Networks for Advertising -Networks/Programs- Generation Y
2) Spike TV (UFC)

-Networks/Programs- Latinos
1) USA network (WWE)
2) TBS (Late Night w/ George Lopez)
* Prime time television
ESPN Demographics Median age: 29 (66% between 18 and 34)
Professional Wrestling Demographics 37% of Hispanics said they were a fan of wrestling; 13% considered themselves an avid fan- ESPN poll
Ideas for Ads and Offers - Celebrity endorsements
Gen-Y Latinos Mobile Phone Advertising Gen-Y
% Distribution of Budget… Campaign Goals 1) Gain 10% of the men’s grooming market share
2) Incorporate real men and ubersexuals…like, George Lopez, into our campaign (real men; likeable, well known)
3) Increase brand recognition through our communication channels
4) Expand product line
Questions Thank You! Examples for Ads
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