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Future of Print Media

No description

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Future of Print Media

Print Digital

What do we define under print media?
Difference between print and digital
Has print already reduced since digital
Journalists are the ones to provide news
Put together by professionals
Bound to place and time
Anyone can post what they want and how they want
Not bound to place and time
Internet is used more often as news provider
reduction primarily caused by reduction of advertisers
advertisements are more effective on print than online
Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
Milan & Chantal
List of Content
What threat do digital media pose to print media
Difference between print and digital
Target audience
Role of target audience
Digital media are easier to update
Digital media have better interaction
Digital media reduce costs

Print is needed to inform digital media
Massive sea of data
Future of Print Media
Daily events and news
Magazines and newspapers
Generate interest
Banners, posters, brochures, books, flyers
and in what way is print better than digital
In what way do print media try to survive
Stimuleringsfonds voor de journalistiek
Augmented reality
Is there a difference in audience digital and print media reach?
Younger generations prefer digital
Adults are divided
Some of them adore the new technology
Others want to stick to their newspaper
Elderly stick to print
Does not count for all elderly and all youngsters
What is the role of the target audience?
Advertisers are influenced by target audiences
Printed media are more profitable regarding advertisements
Newspapers and magazines have their own identity
Do print and digital depend on each other?
Printed media are the fundamental media
Digital media are nowhere without printed media
Internet is less in-depth
Many collaborations between print and digital
"I just noticed the lack of interest of youngsters, this will cause a large reduction of print media"
"Subscribers of BD decreased from 55.000 to 35.000"
"Newspapers give more background information"
"People interested in society are more often reading the newspaper than non-interested people"
"We are considering to offer News on Demand"
"Regional newspapers might have a bigger chance to survive due to involvement in the region"
"Newspapers might disappear later, but journalists will become even more important"
105 people completed the survey that we put together.
The results match our literature study and expectations
The majority of newspaper-readers were 30 years or older and/or highly educated.
This indicates that youth would be more interested in digital media whereas an interest in printed media has remained with adults and the elderly.
Is there a future for print media?
Digital media are a threat to print
Print media are necessary for digital
There are always people who want to keep their newspaper
Who could think of a world without newspapers and magazines?
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