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king midas

No description

fawad ali

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of king midas

How The Story Started The Story of king Midas started when people did not recognize what true happiness is in Ancient Greece. So when the people started telling it in Ancient Greece it was Passed down generations and generations and the story kept changing that why we see different versions of the story king Midas Summary Of King Midas And The Golden Touch -King Midas had everything a person would need in his life he had the most beautiful garden
-One day a companion of Dionysus the god of wine and party fell asleep in the garden
-Midas's Guard Found him sleeping in the garden and decided to take him to King Midas
-King Midas recognized him and took him to Dionysus and he gave him one wish
-After realizing touching everything gold was not a good wish he returned to Dionysus and asked him how to get rid of the curse Theme Of The Story For many years people have wished for something but they desire more this story tells us that more isn’t a good thing and you should be happy for whatever you have. Also the story tells as its fine for us to wish but when we wish we have to be wise about it. Also people have made movies about people who are greedy and how they ruined their and they had everything in their life. Also we have to thank god about whatever he gave us. Also if you were given a wish you should think about this. Whatever you want isn’t whatever you need. King Midas Relevance of theme today: There are some people today that have the golden touch for example famous people.
•Whatever they sign or touch can be sold at high prices
•They make other people famous
•Also they make trends
•Etc Conclusion Also the obstacles more king Midas that he struggled with was selfishness. The second obstacle is the golden touch. The third obstacle is him changing and then he finally reached his goal I hoped you enjoyed my presentation and I hope you liked it. Now for a video!!! MADE BY: FAWAD ALI :D Who else has the touch: Opinion My opinion for king Midas the story is that it tells us about the future how people will have greed and they will have no respect for each other. they will only care for them self. Also it tells us about people in the world who have everything but still they are not happy. Bibliography http://www.123rf.com/photo_12800051_the-legendary-king-midas-no-transparency-and-gradients-used.html http://www.stratogen.net/blog/cloud-hosting-five-questions-you-should-ask-your-provider/ Questions?
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