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Maryan Axmed

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Castles

Motte and Bailey Castles
Motte and Bailey Castles were one of the very first castles built during 1066. The Normans built them out of wood because they were easier to build. However this led to consequences, the castles would rot over time and enermies would attack by setting fire to it. This is one of the examples of a Motte and Bailey Castle during 1066.....
Castles in General
This Presentation is about castles in general, inculding .....:
Motte and Bailey castles
Parts of a Motte and Bailey castles
Mount-Saint Castles
The first Cathedrals
Stone Castles
Some Castles that still stand today
Stone Catles
Stone Castles were developed to show that the Normans had more control over England.They aslo bulit stone castle to provide a site from which the Normans could govern the surrounding district.
The Normans built up to 86 stone castles after William the Conquere died.
They built different types of stone castles:
Some castle that still stand today
Parts of a Motte and Bailey Castle
The Keep:The safest and highest part of the castle. The last line of defence.
The Motte:Usually buily by the local English people. About 15 metres high
The Bailey:A large yard with storeroom, kitchens, stables and guardrooms.
The Palisaide:The wooden fence surrounding the bailey.
The Drawbridge:the entrance to the bailey, guarded by the baron's soldiers
Rochester Castle
Winsdor Castle
The Tower of London
Warwick castle
Sources of Infomation
Norwich castle




The Keep
Draw Bridge
Motte and Bailey Castles(Continued)....
????Did You Know????
That the First EVER Cathedral was York Minster!!!
Parts of a Stone Castle in 1066
Stone Cathedrals started around 1805.
It was said that the building of the Norman cathedral at the end of the 11th century marked the next major advance in Christian life.
Normans also used Cathedrals to rule England and were also used to celebrate Marriges, birth and even mourn.

By Zoya, Faheema and Maryan
Thank You
For watching our prezi
Mont-Saint-Michel, rocky, cone-shaped islet in northwestern France.The islet, celebrated for its Benedictine abbey, has small houses and shops on its lowest level. Above these stand the monastic buildings, many of which date from the 13th century.
Intresting Facts
The island was originally known as Mont-Tombe (Tomb on the hill)
In 1318 the abbey registered the deaths of 18 pilgrims due to quicksand or drowning by the swift tides
During the 100-year war the English conquered all of Normandy except Mont St Michel. The English cannons that were used to attack are on display on the mount
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