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The Great Gatsby- Chapter 7

Themes found in Chapter 7 and quotes of how they are connected

Carly Zembrodt

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby- Chapter 7

The Great Gastby:
Chapter 7 Major Conflict:
Daisy admits love for Gastby During this Chapter, major conflict arises when Daisy admits to loving Gatsby. She flat out admits her love as Gatsby brings it up.I personally get a sense of peer pressure from Gatsby as he keeps persuing the conversation. When Tom hears this, he becomes in shock! Daisy repeadtly answers ALL of Tom's questions by saying yes or no and telling him she loves Gatsby. The quote below shows the peer pressure Gatsby puts on Daisy to tell Tom how she feels/felt. It also brings much chaos to a "supposedly peaceful" eveing downtown. "Oh, you want too much!" she cried to Gatsby. "I love you now-isn't that enough Gatsby. I can't help what's the past." She began to sob hopelessly. "I'd love him once- but Iloved you too." Pg. 131 Theme 1: Chaos Chaos is a very big theme of this chapter. The reason is because of all the feelings that arise such as Daisy and Gatsby's love for one another,and Tom's explaination of how he has made investigations on Gatsby Tom VS Gatsby The arising conflict/tension through out the book and now the built tension begins to burst. As Tom becomes has an idea of Daisy and Gatsby's love;he becomes scared.Tom's emotions tend to build up and suddenly burst open. He keeps questioning their love but Gatsby repeatedly says they love each other. Tom's reaction can be caused many emotions; hatred, anger, jealousy, and sadness. All of these play in a role of his explosive actions and feelings. Gatsby though, acts quite calm repeating the fact they love each other as if to stir Tom's emotions which is very effective. Important Quote A quote that I agreed with is when Gatsby explains that Daisy was with Tom when they first met because he had money. She didn't want Gatsby because he didn't have money at the time.(paraphrasing from book) This quote/scence really catches my attnetion mainly because it is the truth. It really excentuates Daisy's true personality. She is a shallow girl "claiming" to love these men. I think it could also symbolize that if she had a man with no money, she would be miserable. Theme 2:Jealousy
Tom mainly brings the jealousy into the situation. When he find out that Gatsby and Daisy have a true love and deep connection. It truly angers which is when he brings up his investigation on Gatsby. Tom becomes like a ticking time bomb and he eventually bursts. Gatsby, suprisingly, I think has jealousy also. As he sees Daisy and Tom together, he quickly gets angered because he knows that deep down Daisy wants him instead of Tom. So the jealousy can be looked at other way, thus making it a theme of this chapter. Outcasts:
JordanandNick Outcasts during this chapter are Jordan and Nick. When put in this situation, I believe Nick and Jordan feel very awkward and uncomfortable. If I were put in the situation, I would simply just sit there. There is nothing they can do but listen. A part of uncomfortableness is when Daisy looks at the two of them for help. In the quote of the book, as she looks at them, Nick (the narrator) claims that she realizes what she is doing.Though that is claimed, the yelling of every becomes very awkward. Readers might have forgotten these two but we must keep their thoughts and minds as well, so we can see how someone else must have felt/their perspective in this situation "The Eyes" The last important thing I have found of this chapter is the mention of the eyes. The eyes in my own thoughts, are for seeing the unthinkable and a watch over everything that happens. Here in this chapter is a description of the eyes. Pg 124,"Over the asheaps the giant eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckelburg kept their vigil, but I percieved, after a moment, that the other eyes were regarding us less than twenty feet away." This quote describes how the eys see evrything. We may not know the purpose of them yet, but we know that they are always watching; seeing anything that happens around them...
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