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Term project proposal

System simulation Prof. Chil-gi-Lee

cheoleung kim

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Term project proposal

Efficiency Test of
SKKU's Dual Elevator Systems
By Automod Goal Background ShingwanA ShingwanB 2004310505 Kyuhong Choi
2008314203 Cheoleung Kim Systems simulation term project There are 4 Dual elevators in SKKU suwon campus
Students living dormitory have
no complaint about their elevator systems
Recently established Library is the problem Thank you
for listening^^ Library Interact with each other.
If they are both bottom floor,
one is go to first floor.
Then the other one goes second floor
just passing first floor Jigwan Modeling interactive Dual elevator system
Modeling non-interactive Dual elevator system
Compare which system is more effective to our students
If non-interactive system is effective
we will post detail simulation result in SKKULOVE Community Dormitory Non-interactive Dual elevator system
One elevator stops odd floors.
The other stops even floors.
In B1,B2,Lobby floor, both stops.
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