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Connecticut PM

No description


on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Connecticut PM

Connecticut PM
Economic Location
insurance capital also big in economy
Historic Location
Geographic Location
Split state in half also near state capital.
Political Location
Hartford state capital.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Connecticut's Economy
Connecticut's History
Connecticut's Geography
Connecticut's Government
Road Trip Distance
They host the sports center in Connecticut.
Old light house museum.Also in
Connecticut they have the mystic seaport
Connecticut river
The GOLD dome is on top of the building.
They completed the capital in 1878.
Dinosaur State Park.
Most of the rocky hill track were made by a birdlike dinosaur called the coelophysis.
The largest foot prints at rocky hill were left by a tipe of Eubrontes dinosaur.
Hartford is the capital of Connecticut.
Near dino state park.
Near new London
Allot of people in Connecticut like to go fishing.
Connecticut is the most southern state in the
northeastern region of the U.S. known as New England. From 1703 until 1875 Connecticut had 2
state capitals.The american school for the deaf was
founded in 1817 in west Hartford.The oldest stone house in New England is the Henry Whitfield house
in Guilford,built in 1639.Connecticut is part of new england.In Devon its against the law to walk backwards after sunset.In Guilford outdoor
holiday lighting can consist only of white lights.
In new britan its against the law for firetrucks to go faster than 25 M.P.H. even when in emergency.in
Hartford you cant kiss your wife on sundays.you also
cant walk on your hands across the street.
People who sell a product or provide a service are participating
in thier economy.Connecticut
businesses and factories are the
strength of the state economy.Pratt
read and company founded in essex,was for many years the busiest maker of piano keys in the U.S.!
Southern slaveholders feaerd that president Aberham Lincon and the U.S. congress would halt the spread of slavery.Cornwalls mohawk ski area was the first ski resort in the U.S. to make artificial snow in 1948.In 1954 David N. Mullaney of fairfield invented a plastic ball with holes in it.He called it the wiffle ball.

The Connecticut river cuts the state in
half.it starts in new hampshire and goes
down to the long island sound.some seagoing ships can travel on the river all the way to Hartford.
In 1965 Connecticut voters ratified
a new state constitution.The constitution describes how the state
government must work.like the U.S
government Connecticut's government is divided into 3 branches:legislative,judicial,and legislative branch to make the laws.
this map discribes all of the city's in Connecticut
this map is a road map
i know this map tells all the cit's
this map tells place's in Connecticut
1. Hartford to Stonington is 48 miles.
2. Stonington to Connecticut river is 42 miles.
3. Connecticut river to state capital is 6 miles.
4. capital to dino state park is 9 miles.
5. dino state park to W.C.E. is 1880 miles.
6. total is 1985 miles.
By:Kade and Sam.
Writing by:Sam and Kade.
Backround by: Kade. Help by:Mrs.miller.
Help by:Kade.
Approvel by:Ms.grant.
Credits by:Kade.
Pictures by:Sam.
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