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Registration Presentation for school year 2018-19

January 2016

Janibelle Jackson

on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of Registration Presentation for school year 2018-19

Graduation Requirements
Thinking about college?
Important Dates
Jan 25th and 26th - Rising 10th Grade/Freshmen Registration Pick Up.

Feb 8th and 9th - Rising 11th Grade/Sophomores Registration Pick Up.

Feb 14th and 15th - Rising 12th Grade/Junior Registration Pick Up.
Course Selections
Today's agenda
community service
Registration for School Year 2018-2019
School counselors

Graduation requirements

Diploma options

University entrance requirements

Community service

Course options

Registration forms

Upcoming dates
School counselors
Mrs. Pritsker Gifted Students Wi- Wz

Ms. Grigley Last names A-D

Mrs. Cortes-Bowden Last names E-Le

Mrs. Jeria Last names Li-Q & ESOL

Mrs. Stufflet Last names R-Wh

Ms. Ellis All ESE students



Social Studies

Performing/Fine Art

Personal Fitness

PE Elective


Online Course
4 credits

4 credits in high school (must include Algebra 1 & Geometry)

4 credits (must include Biology)

3 credits (World History, US History, Economics & US Government)

1 credit

.5 credit

.5 credit

9 credits

1 course
26 total credits

2.0 unweighted cumulative GPA

Pass 10th grade FSA ELA exam

Pass Algebra 1 EOC

Participate in Biology, Geometry, and US History EOC Exams.
SCPS Scholars with Distinction
Meet all requirements for the State Standard Diploma and:
3 consecutive years of the same World Language
6 credits A.P. and/or D.E., with an A or a B
*Only 2 Dual Enrollment credits may count towards the 6 total credits
1 credit Experimental Research, completion of extended essay, senior portfolio, 4th World Language credit OR additional A.P. IB or D.E. credit.
Minimum cumulative 3.75 weighted GPA
Additional Diploma Pathways
State Merit Diploma
In addition to all State Standard Diploma requirements, students must obtain one or more industry certifications

State Scholars Diploma
Meet all requirements for the State Standard Diploma and:
Algebra 2
Statistics or an equally rigourous math course
1 science course equally rigourous to Chemistry or Physics
2 consecutive years of the same World Language
1 credit A.P., IB, AICE or Dual Enrollment (D.E.),
Pass ALL EOC's (Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, U.S. History)

Taking rigorous courses (AP, Dual Enrollment, Honors) is

University entrance requirements and high school graduation requirements are
the same.
Do your research now!

2 consecutive World Language credits are required for most colleges, some require 3 credits. World Language is

for the State Standard Diploma Pathway.

Students will take the PSAT in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

They will take the SAT in 11th and 12th.

Use your PSAT results to review for the SAT
Free SAT Prep is available at:
ACT Prep is available at:
Service hours are
a graduation requirement.

Hours begin counting the summer after 8th grade.

Agency must be approved by SCPS.

Minimum 25 hours per location.

Information and application may be found on the SCPS website.

Once all hours are completed the application must be returned along with the service log and essay to the Guidance secretary.

Deadline to submit all service hours and documentation is May 1st of your senior year.

10th Grade Required courses
English 4

US Government


Math (Teacher Recommendation)

Science (Teacher Recommendation)

3 Additional Elective Credits
11th Grade Required Courses
*AP Acknowledgement Form required for any AP courses.
Students currently in an Intensive Reading and/or Math class will be tentatively placed into those same classes until they achieve a passing score
12th Grade Required Courses
English 2

World History

Math (Teacher Recommendation)

Science (Teacher Recommendation)

3 Additional Elective Courses
course changes for 2018-2019
Please review your Curriculum Guide for course information and prerequisites.
English 3

US History

Math (Teacher Recommendation)

Science (Teacher Recommendation)

3 Additional Elective Courses
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