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The Contest

By Annie Proulx

G-wiz Canan

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of The Contest

Annie Proulx The Contest Wrote Brokeback Mountain
Won Pulitzer prize for Fiction
Graduated cum laude from University of Vermont
Born in Connecticut, moved to Wyoming 1935 Historical Context Hurricane Katrina hits the United States. Genre Contemporary Western Fiction About the Author Annie Proulx Plot Summary In the town of Elk Tooth, Wyoming
Male residents participate in a beard-growing contest.
They acquire a book on beards, and they all read it and are entertained by it.
Old guy from "out East" walks into the local bar, and unveils a beard longer than any of the residents. Characters Amanda Gribb- Bartender, she finds the book about beards, dissaproved of contest.
Creel Zmundzinski- Game and Fish employee, developed crush on Amanda
Plato Bucklew- Creel's best friend, Forest Service employee.
Mercedes de Silhouette- Widow of only educated person in town, Bill. Finds book about beards in her house.
Ralph Kaups- Shows up at bar and unveils insane beard, looking Mercedes.
Hard Winter Ulph- Can you say best name ever?
Other Contestants- Old man Debock, Wiregrass and Kevin Cokendall, Darryl Mutsch, Willy Huson, Deb Sipple, Lobett Pulvertoft Thirkill, Fiesta Punch, Erwin Hungate Setting Themes Elk Tooth, Wyoming
Peewee's Bar
De Silhouette House Symbols If life is a car, then reading is the key.
There's always someone better.
Small community
Enjoy the little things. The Beards- Passing of time Figurative Language Quote 1 Euphemisms
Local dialect
Similes and Metaphors
Personification Quote 2 "Give Deb Sipple a book, she thought, and he'd probably chew the covers off." "Gradually the vocabularies of Peewee's patrons swelled with such splendid words as 'pogonophile', 'finookery', 'gnostic', 'countenance', 'postiche', 'obelisk', 'serendipity', and the stirring phrase Floreat Barba!" Quote 3 "From under the silk emerged a huge white beard that could have filled a bushel basket. It covered the man from upper lip to belt buckle and was of a snowy, radiant white that seemed backlit by a full moon. Flowing into it as twin Missouris into the Mississippi were masses of hair that on a lesser man would have been sideburns." Significance of Opening/Closing scene The opening scene sets the base for the story. It gives you the setting in the bar in wyoming and initiates the contest. It also shows the amount of boredom that the residents have. The closing scene signifies the end of the contest. This is when the easterner walks into the bar and unveils his "Tsunami" of a beard and everyone is disheartened. Youtube is launched Book- Outside world, brings a "foreigner" Point of View 3rd person Limited Our question to you is.. Why do you think the contest ended when the "stranger", Ralph, entered the storhy?
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