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Resume Stefan Schraml

No description

stefan schraml

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Resume Stefan Schraml

Summary Highly experienced Project Manager and Associate Producer for AAA game and web projects. Provides expert level strategy, project planning, organisation and course correction balanced with creativity and innovation. Excellence in critical assesment and review of all aspects of a game with attention to detail, quality and priorities.

Always finding new ways, decisive and solution oriented. StrengthS + Skills Experience Education Recent projects STEFAN SCHRAML Used to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people.

Exceptional leadership and communication skills within creative teams, development and management. Cutting edge know how of industry and media trends and upcoming technologies. I am much better in real life. Please contact me for an interview. Contact: Jahngasse 39/43, 1050 Vienna
Austria, Europe

+43 699 19585390
skype: schraml Nationality: Austrian
Languages: German
Born 1973, married, 1 son
Available mid June Thank you!
Stefan Schraml Info Game production + Project management LinkedIn: http://at.linkedin.com/in/stefanschraml Blog: http://hyacint.net Soup: http://hyacint.soup.io , MSc Exeptional team building and organisational management skills
Outstanding organisation and communication skills
Problem solver with strong analytical skills Able to communicate and present abstract concepts and creative vision
Providing strong technical background and skills
Experience in international working environments Excellent familarity with tools: MS Office, Project, Visio, Perfoce, Wikis, Bug Tracking, Online tools, some scripting skills A passion for games (enjoying and collecting since 1986) Recently liked:
Ghost Trick
Demons Souls
Red Dead Redemption
Portal 2
The Void Gamedesign, Game engines & programming (Unity, Pygame)
Vast knowledge of media trends - books, comics, film, music, games EBCL (European Business Competence License) A Level - [2007] UT Vienna, Technical Physics, graduated as Master of Science - [1992-2003] Diploma thesis "Steup and application of a scanning ion conductance microscope" [2003]
Scholarship European Forum Alpbach [2003]
Study visit in Pisa at the Dipartimento di Fisiologia e Biochimica [2001] Construction of a prototype of the scanning ion conductance microscope
Participation at the W&E Hareus Summer school Nanophysics in Dresden [2000] TGM, Advanced engeneering school, graduated [1987-1992] Graduated in the field of electrical engeneering Military Service - AUSTRIAN ARMED FORCES [2002] BALZERS AG Liechtenstein [Internships 1997, 1998] ALCATEL AUSTRIA [1995-1996] DEEP SILVER VIENNA - Associate Producer
April 2008- April 2010 (Studio closed) General responsibilities:
Manage international outsourcing companies:
negotiate services and cost, set up and track workflows
Project scheduling, milestone definition, milestone tracking and acceptance
Tracking, scheduling and communicationg internal tasks
Set up processes for: task management, outsourcing, due diligence
Evaluated and introduced tools for task and asset management
Keeping risk lists, credits, milestone plans, project plans and budgets up to date
Wiki and repository gardening, defining structures and guidelines
Build reviews and design reviews
Organise and moderate meetings and workshops, prepare agendas Game: Cursed Mountain released for Wii Apr. 2009, PC Feb 2010
Project facts: Cursed mountain is a Survival horror game set in Tibet.
Review: http://wii.ign.com/objects/142/14270799.html
Producer: Marin Gazzari, Volume about 700 MM

Produced the PC port (Jan 2010)
Managed the translation, localization and loca QA for 7 languages
Managed the rating and submission process (3 SKUs)
(Ratings: ESRB, PEGI, UK, Australia; Submissions: EU and US) Game: Ride to Hell in production - PS3, X360, PC
Project facts: Ride to Hell is a Open World Game set in the Biker scene of late 60s California.
Review: http://wii.ign.com/objects/142/14265660.html
Producer: Marin Gazzari, Volume about 2500 MM AUSTRIAN TRADE
(Austrian Chamber of Commerce)
2005-2008 Product Manager e-Services general responsibilities:
Developed IT & communication strategy
Acted as process coordinator between various departments
Budgeting for upcoming projects
Representative of Austrian Trade to contractors
Delegate to various conferences
Managing various smaller projects (Project Management Office)
QA measures, test planning and tests
Web concepts & design, UI & UX design, usability
Localization Project: Advantageaustria.org 2006-2007 Role: Technical Lead & Vice Project Manager
Building an international website
190 country sites in 28 languages for 160 editors
Project volume 3M EUR, European wide tender
http://advantageaustria.org Project: Austriantrade.org 2005 Role: Technical Lead & Vice Project Manager
Prototype forAdvantageaustria.org, 70 Office sites Freelance Consultant for Austrian Trade 2004 Acceptance tests - planning, test cases, execution, documentation
Specifications and negatiations with project partner companies Journey to the End of the Night Vienna [since 2009] Theophopya: a Pyweek project [2007] Advanced Super [2007] Gaming jour fix @ metalab [2006-2008] Presentations & Lectures A Alternate Reality Game with up to 600 participants. The game is a pursuit across the city in multiple parts.

Players try to make it through a series of checkpoints as quickly and as stealthily as possible, while avoiding being caught by chasers. http://journeyvienna.at/ A game developed from scratch in one week.
http://tinyurl.com/theophopya Developed a concept for a gaming TV show. Running a monthly interest group on computer games. Presentations, demos and discussions.
http://metalab.at/wiki/GamingJourFix European trade promotion conferences: Presentations at meetings in Madrid, Rome, Copenhagen, Cologne, London, Vienna [2005-2007]
Panel discussion participant on blogs & web2.0 [2007]
Chamber of commerce - Platform foreign trade: "What is web2.0" [2007]
OSCON Vienna: "Using open source software in Austrian trade projects" [2006]

Lectures on probe microscopy and nanotechnology at UT Vienna CREATE PLAN KEEP ON TRACK SHIP QUALITY Financial ratios
Commercial law Contact:
Stechergasse 1/8
4020 Linz

skype: schraml Netural Communication
Concept Development
August 2010 - April 2011 Information Architecture: Wireframes and struktural concepts
Web and Application concepts for projects with: Swarovski, A1 Telekom Austria, Silhouette, Silhouette Virtual Mirror, BKS, Doka, Siemens VAI
Interface Design & UX concepts
Social Media concepts
Development process, planning and feature specification for Roomle.com
Research topics:
Newsletter tools, Micromessaging, Social Media Monitoring, Intranet and internal Tools
Pitch preparations Gamecraft Linz [2011] Lucidia [2011] A networking event for the local Gamedev community. Play games together, discuss them and have fun! A Tale of mystery and exploration. And a project to learn Unity 3D.
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