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The absolutely true diary of a part-time indian By: Sherman alexie

No description

Kassidy Funk

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of The absolutely true diary of a part-time indian By: Sherman alexie

By: Sherman Alexie MY PREDICTION I think this book is about someone being a part time indian. Telling us there story about how they lived and every thing . About there family. what the wore . what they ate, and there childhood. that is what i think this book will be about. Born with brain grease.had water removed out of his skull.
ended up with 42 teeth.Had glasses.
Reopening wounds by having a seizure. If your 14 like me and have a stutter they call me retard i belong to black eye of
the month club.the only way i can become rich and famous i think the world is broken and floods and my cartoons are tiny life boats. CHAPTER 2 why chicken means so much to me The Absolutely true diary of a part-time indian THE BLACK EYE OF THE MONTH CLUB CHAPTER 1 Loves food sometimes my family misses dinner or we eat sleep Mr hungry artist my best friend Oscar got sick i tried to give him water he said no when i touched him he yelled junior we don't have money for Oscar but there was nothing i could do for Oscar i wanted to punch my dad in the eye and make him blind it sucks to be poor it makes you believe that your stupid and ugly i said i love you to Oscar he looked up at me like he knew what happened so i ran away as fast as i could all i heard was boom my fathers shotgun. CHAPTER 3 Oscar died i wanted to go die in a hole I'm a zero on the rez my father doesn't believe do you want to head down to the pow wow rowdy said i said no rowdy has protected me since i was born he said lets go to the pow wow your my hero i said me and rowdy went to the pow wow rowdy wanted to hurt me but didn't cause i was his best friend his only friend the triplets started pushing me and kneed me in the gut did i mention there 33 later rowdy snuck in and cut there eyebrows and braids off i love to make rowdy laugh so i draw comics to make him happy he draws his dreams i think rowdy is the person i care about the most me and rowdy are incapable. CHAPTER 4 Revenge is my middle name Cause geometry isn't a country I was 14 it was my first day at high school most guys my age or any age would love to be in a heard but i spend my time in the washroom reading about geometry when i was eight nine ten i would sleep in a closet after high school my sister didnt go to collage me sand rowdy are going to go try out for the basketball team im afriad of rowdy leaving me for the other older kids and start to pick on me mr.p sometimes forget to come to school ya weird if someone wanted to hide someone it would be my rez i looked in my book and saw agnes adams yes thats right agnes adams my mom this is the book my mom stuydied out of . CHAPTER 5 Hope against hope of course i was suspended for hitting my teacher i didnt mean to hit him i really never been in trouble halfway through the week i was sitting on my front steps when mr.p came up and i said i was sorry he said im sorry as well mr.p asked to sit down i said sure after a little while he spoke up why did you hit me i said i was stupid mr.p said no your not he said try again so i did i said i didnt mean to hit you i meant to hit the wall i didnt mean to hit you he also told me that my sister dreamed to be a writer. CHAPTER 6 Go means go After mr.p left i thought about my life i asked the biggest question who have the most hope they looked at each other the white people i knew that anwser i said i want to go to reden now the said tomorrow i nodded i thought shoot my fellow tribe menbers will be mad at me i would be the first one to leave the rez. CHAPTER 7 Rowdy sings the blues The day after i decided to transffer
i went to my old school to find rowdy in his usual spot in walked up to rowdy and said can i tell you a secret to rowdy said sure so i told him im going to redan rowdy said thats not funny its not i want you to come with me rowdy said have fun on your imaginary trip he siad i not joking rowdy got up and started walking away i touched his shoulder he spun around and yell DONT TOUCH ME YOU RETARD he turned around and i touched his shoulder again yes again he turned around and punched me in the face bang i was on the floor bang my nose started flowing like a water fall i just stayed there on the floor SHERMAN ALEXIE Sherman Alexie, Jr. is a poet, writer, filmmaker, and occasional comedian. Much of his writing draws on his experiences as a Native American growing up on the Spokane Indian reservation. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Some of his best known works are The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven , a book of short stories, and Smoke Signals , a film of his screenplay based on The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.

His first novel, Reservation Blues, received one of the fifteen American Book Awards.His first young adult novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, is a semi-autobiographical novel that won the U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Odyssey Award as best audiobook for young people read by Alexie. His collection of short stories and poems, entitled War Dances, won the PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction. CHAPTER 8 How to fight monsters Next morning my dad drove me 22 miles to
redan my dads mouth smelt like mouthwash thanks dad love you love you to i saw my dad drive off i hope he dosent stop at the bar i hope he spends his mmoney on something else i was alone for a few minutes then all the kids started to come and swarm around me after that i walked into the office and looked at the secretary and she smiled at me you must be the kid from the rezervation i said yes she handed me my schedule and a map of the school and i walked off i walked in to class and walked down the ailse and sat down in the back row a girl leaned over penelope i said junior she leaned to her friend and they laughed soon enough every one was laughing ehen the teacher called arnold spirit junior i said here and then penelope leaned back over and said i thought your name was junior well i have two names my real name is arnold spirit junior people on the rez call me junior so i have two names. CHAPTER 9 Grandma gives me advice I went home that night confused after i punched a kid in the face i wished me and rowdy were still friends so i went to my grandma and ask for advice grandma today i punched this guy in the facec she asked why i said that he was calling me names so i punched him in the face so me and grandma talked and that was it so i woke up and went to the kitchen and found some juice mix and asked my dad can you drive me to school they said no sorry junior not enough gas and went back to sleep so i started to walk lucky for me my dads best friend ugiene was headed to spokane so i got a ride with him. CHAPTER 10 Tears of a clown When i was 12 i fell in love with a girl named Dawn she was out of my leagueone night in two in the morning and i told him i like Dawn i cry alot i cry when angry i cry when sad i cry when i cry and rowdy didnt tell anyone. CHAPTER 11 Halloween At school today i went to school as a homless guy and penelope went as a homless girl penelope you look really good same with you but she wasnt going to ask for candy she was going to ask for spare change so i lied and said i was doing the same thing after school i went out trick or treating so i was asking for spare change and i did it was ten and i was on my way home until i got jumped and took my money the next day i went to school and i walked up to penelope and told her i got jumped and they took my money and kicked me she asked if i was ok and i nodded she told me i'll still put your name on the money and then walked away. CHAPTER 12 Thanksgiving CHAPTER 15 Hunger pains Our history teacher was trying to teach us about war i asked to go to the bathroom he said no i have to go really bad i went to the batroom near the library because there alot cleaner than the one near the cafeteria while i was in the bathroom i heard something from the girls bathroom it sounded like someone throwing up i walk out and knocked on the door and asked are you alright the person said go away so i asked do you want me to go get a teacher she said again go away so i waited on the wall until the vomiter came out when she came out it was the lovely Penelope i think Penelope is anorexic i asked and she said no bollemic after awhile me and Penelope Reindeer games My dad asked me do you ever know how me and your mom met i was 5 and she 13 she helped me get a drink i was tiny, so i tried out for the basketball i felt tiny small and slow we had to run 100 laps around the gym, the teacher called out Arnold i ran over to him and see what he wanted he asked if i wanted to try again i said yes after a good game he blew the whistle, today was my first game coach put me in but someone hit me with a fricken quarter after ugine gave me some stitches i was put in rowdy elbowed me in the face i was unconscious both teams got in a shouting match after i woke up my mom like bombarded me partridge in a pear tree when the holiday came my we didnt have enough money so my dad did what he does every year with our money goes oput and gets drunk he left on christmas eve and came back on january 2
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