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Åk7: Money, Money, Money

A lesson for second grade on money

Hélène Rouchiche

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Åk7: Money, Money, Money

By: Helene Rouchiche
Money, Money, Money
What is Money?
The Coin Song!
Money is what we use to buy things. We use paper bills and coins.

We are going to learn about the different kinds of coins and bills and how much they are worth.

We will also learn about coins and bills combined!
Penny, penny
easily spent.
Copper brown
and worth one cent
Nickel, nickel
thick and fat.
Worth five cents
I know that!
Dime, dime
little and thin.
I remember,
you're worth ten
Quarter, quarter,
big and bold.
You're worth twenty-five
I'm told
Dollar Bill
Dollar, dollar
green and long.
With 100 cents
you can't go wrong!
I Wish I Had a Nickel
I wish I had a nickel.
I wish I had a dime.
I wish I had a quarter.
I would count them all the time.

I wish I had a dollar.
But it wouldn't make a sound;
I'd never know I lost it
If it fell out on the ground.

So I'd trade it for some pennies
And I'd keep them in a sack.
I'd never ever spend them
Because then I'd want them back!
Each set of coins
can equal to a dollar!

100 pennies
1 dollar
20 Nickels
1 dollar
10 dimes
1 dollar
4 quarters
1 dollar
1 Dollar
100 pennies
Comparing coins!
1 quarter
2 dimes and 1 nickel
1 dime
1 nickel and 5 pennies
What is this amount?
17 cents!
Work Cited
1. What does the expression 'loaded' mean?
• to be very careful with your money
• to have a lot of money
• to own many expensive things

2. What does the expression 'make ends meet' mean?
• to have enough money to pay your bills
• to be very very rich
• to get a job promotion

3. What does the expression 'pay an arm and a leg' mean?
• to pay a lot for something
• to get something for free
• to be very very rich

4. What does the expression 'pinch pennies' mean?
• to be very very rich
• to be very poor
• to be very careful about how you spend your money

Seven common English expressions about money

The lottery Ticket
Croesus was the king of Lydia from 560 to 547 BC until his defeat by the Persians
Croesus is credited with issuing the first true gold coins
In greek and Persian cultures the name of Croesius became synonymus of a whealthy man.
In English, expressions such as "rich as croesus" or " richer than Croesus" are used to indicate great wealth to this day.
1. To learn about the American currency.
2. to learn expressions about money.
3. to learn some facts about the man who invented coints, the Aztecs and the Tudor's money systems.
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