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Loyalist Migration and its impact on canadiens

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Kyle Braconnier

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Loyalist Migration and its impact on canadiens

social 7
1789 Revolution in France to become a Republic
In 1789 France had a revolution.It had violently dethroned This made many monarchs nervous in Europe.What if there people rose up agents them too! Countries that are ruled by a monarch like Britain went to fight french republic.
War of 1812
Protests in 1775 by the 13 colonies.
After 1763,Britain was deeply in debt because of the huge seven years war. It needed to keep some of the troops in the Thirteen colonies, but they decided that the Thirteen colonies had to pay for there troops.So Britain raised the taxs up in the Thirteen colonies.The colonists reused to pay the taxes. they said that Britain had no authority to tax the Thirteen colonies because Britain didn't allow colonists to elect representatives to the British parliament.There slogan was was "No taxation without representation". In 1775, protests turned into a rebellion led by the famous George Washington who took command of a army raised in the Thirteen Colonies to fight the british rule.In 1776 United States declared itself independent.
Patriots position and situation
The Americans hoped that people in British North America would not oppose their takeover plans.In 1812,the Americans invaded Upper Canada with their leader by their leader by their side General William Hull.
Loyalists position and situation
Some American thought the canadians might rise up against British rule.This didn't work because the Catholic Church opposed it.During the huge wars of Napoleonic the Catholic Church opposed the French republic.The canadians got encouraged to fight for Britain and its monarchy.
The end
Loyalist Migration and its impact on Canadiens!
Loyalists Migration and its impact on first nations
Loyalists were mostly farmers their arrival marked a shift in a reason that Britain negotiated treaties of peace and friendship. In 1779 Britain concluded a treaty with the Mi'kmaq people to secure their support during the American war of independence.When the loyalists arrived,however Britain negotiated treaties as a way to take over land for settlement. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 said that the first nations had to agree to give up their land before settlers move in.

The war of independence pressured people in the thirteen Colonies to choose sides of the war.The arrival of the loyalists greatly increased the number of british people.The loyalists began to ask for british laws and customs in Quebec,these people were british born subjects.this concerned many Canadians.

The war of 1812 was a huge fight between United States and Britain North America, but was really part of the Napoleonic wars in Europe.British navy began boarding American ships, looking for British deserters.To retaliate, the US declared war on the nearest piece of British territory. Napoleon was a French general who defended the French republic very ably and conquered a large part of Europe, so the wars were named after Napoleon.
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